Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crazy Pregnant Me

I am finding it hard to write while pregnant.
Every thought in my head is negative and I can't seem to keep my thoughts running in any kind of orderly fashion.

One minute I furious over some random thing that happened two days ago. 
Then I'm concerned about making a grocery list for the last major pre-baby trip to the grocery store... 
in three days.
Then all I want to do is find the time and energy to organize the pantry and the cabinets because for some reason in that moment I cannot imagine having a baby with semi messy kitchen.

Not that the baby would know the difference.... or anyone besides me really.

When I get this close to having a baby I feel manic.
I suddenly empathize with all the pregnant cats I have ever seen.
They act so weird in the days and especially hours before birth... 
laying down, 
getting up, 
pacing more,
wanting to be with you, 
wanting to be alone, 
making weird other worldly noises.

Oh help me I am like that!
I want to talk, 
He is not listening, 
I want his help, 
he is doing it all wrong,
I need to sleep, 
I cannot lay in bed one more minute.
I am hungry, 
nothing sounds good.
I want to watch a movie, 
this movie is too intense or sad or slow paced... 
I even make weird noises every time I have a random pain or try to get up off the couch to fast.

So what to do to keep me sane?
Pray... a lot.
The ultimate cure would be to give birth...
but in the mean time I will attempt to keep my sense of humor, here is what is keeping me smiling in these last days of gestation.

1. Bella's baby name ideas:
Rosela.... those are for a girl, of course.

For a boy we have, 
Eric... after a prince in a movie...
or Furry... don't ask I have no idea.

She is really mad that we have picked names without her and begs us to reconsider a few times a week. I love her very much but I have an older cousin who wanted my mom to name me Ursala.
Thank you mom for not listening to the whims of a cute child. 
I will not be changing my mind anytime soon.
2.Tommy has asked me often lately when he can go be a "workin man yike Daddy... and fix stuff?"
"When I's bigga?"
He melts me.
I hope he retains this need to be productive once he is old enough to mow the grass.
3. My sister told me that Bella clapped her hands on her head the other day and said loudly,
"I am losing my Mind!"
Hmmm... wonder where she heard that?
4. Poor Daniel is very confused... he has been coming up to me and putting a hand on my belly and saying over and over "Baby? Baby?"
I say yes and he moves his hand to my elbow or leg and asks again,
"Baby? Baby?"
I say no.. mommy...
Then he goes back to my belly and says "Baby!" 
He then "kisses" the baby... which means he slams his face, mouth open into my stomach.
Slobbery... slightly painful... but oh so adorable.
17 Days and counting people... if you know any good jokes leave me a comment!

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Anonymous said...

Well, here's my dilemma...(1) i'm pregnant...(2) tell you it's NOT your pregnancy...but very unfortunate genes you pulled in the gene pull!...you see the dilemma?...cause i'm pretty sure i'm NOT pregnant!....now comes the part you've probably figured out!....yep...it's nothing to do with pregnancy...it's just "crazy" ole genes!! ENJOY IT....it could be worse...not much worse, but definitely worse! SORRY!....i didn't ask for them either...when i'm here, i wanna be there...if i sit down..i get back up for something, i get hungry and don't know what for and then when i figure it out and fix it...naaaa that wasn't it! so ya see...it's the GENES!!!! UGH!!...but birds of a feather, flock together,...so we ALL have each other to understand each other!! LUV YA...Sorry for bursting your balloon!......xoxoxoxo....AJ