Friday, February 18, 2011

Late as Ususal

The day after the "big day".
The day that has been circled on our calendar for about nine months.

Doing this for the fourth time I knew better than to get all hung up on that day.
I remember being pregnant with Bella and feeling more desperate to get her out with every hour she went over due... It was a long week but like all pregnancies it did eventually end,
much to my surprise.

Bella was a week late,
Tommy was two days late,
and Daniel was a shocking one day early... 
this should have been my first clue he would be the one to rock the boat even before he was born.
Happily God has used these times to make me more patient.

Now I think the "day after" is actually harder on all the people around me who are waiting to meet this baby... Poor Tom is aching to hold him or her, which makes me love him even more.
The kids have been distracted by being sick but now that they are on the mend the impatience is growing again, but for them its different. They never knew there was a "day" in mind... they just keep hearing really really soon or any day now.
My sister I know loves to hold my kids when they are sleepy newborns.
My sister in law can't wait to get the baby in front of her camera... 
and I can't wait to see what she can do!

I'm sure everyone is also really excited to see if its a girl or a boy.
This is new to us, we have always found out before hand.
I am finding it hard to believe that I still don't know what it is and at this point after months of speculating I think any intuition or even preference may have gone out the window.
All I can picture is a baby, wearing yellow, with no name.
Its very weird...
And given the pace of our lives these last few weeks and months with constantly sick kids and busy schedules I have to say at this point even that fact that the baby is about to arrive is just plain shocking.... where did the time go?

I have spent the last week up late and early with all three kids sick.
High fevers, intense coughing fits, runny noses.
We have been to the pediatrician twice. Once was yesterday on my due date.
The nurse and the doctors were amused and showed obvious pity.

On Tuesday we went for Daniel and I took Isabella just to be safe.
That day Daniel had the cold plus and ear infection and got some medicine. 
Bella gotta a pat on the head and instruction to rest.

Yesterday I took Bella back and took Tommy just to be safe... he was now where Bella was before.
This time Bella got the medicine with a diagnoses of pneumonia and bronchitis!
Tommy got medicine too because of the pattern we have seen and the fact that getting him back in a few days would be next to impossible since I will probably be in the hospital... 
I nearly kissed the doctor.

Then I got the pat on the head and the instruction to rest...
and I will.
Right after I catch up the laundry,
scrub the shower,
change all the bedding,
wash our comforter,
clean out the refrigerator, 
run to the grocery store,
and have this baby.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For When Today has Become Yesterday

The purpose of my blogging is to document this crazy life with little ones so that someday we can look back through the haze of laundry, tantrums, holidays, illnesses, and endless hours of sesame street...
and remember what it was really like...
and how wonderful it really was in the midst of all the mess and stress.
What they did, said, played, loved, at 2 and 3 and so on.
The things that we are so often too busy to notice on the norm.

The lesser purpose is also to keep my sanity because I cannot afford a therapist... 
either in time or money.
So I ramble to the masses on the internet and feel better somehow.
I think its because it keeps me from talking to myself most of the time.

Tonight I write mostly to keep my sanity. But partly to remember too.

I feel the need to write because someday I bet my daughter will become a mother.
And I know she is going to come to me and ask all the tough questions.

I would give a lot to be able to flip a switch and see my mother and Tom's mother doing all the things I'm doing now.

Sadly my Mom is like me and has a horrible memory, and even if you think you remember something the passage of so much time has a way of changing the story... often I notice, making things seem easier than they really were.

Did they love every second of pregnancy? Did they act like crazy women at the end, like I do?

 I'd love to see what they did when we were all sick at once... and they were too.

To ask them what they were really thinking while they were driving to the pediatrician for the fourth time that month.... or week!

To see how many times a week they ended up in tears right along with the toddler.

Most likely they did things and felt a lot the way that I do now.
I just want to feel that I am normal, and that the women I respect and admire had days just like mine was today. Where they felt nothing could go right, and nothing would go right ever again.
I want some kind of evidence that this too shall pass.

 So this is for you Isabella.
Just in case you ever wonder someday.

Tomorrow is my due date for this fourth child we are happily expecting.
I find this at the moment to be utterly surreal because the last two days I have thought about this looming event very little.
Except of course to think that I am totally unprepared and I can't go into labor now.

Lord are you listening? NOT A GOOD TIME PLEASE....

You see right now Bella your fever is at 101. You have an awful cough that breaks my heart to hear. 
All you want is for me to hold you all the time. You have been in my bed by five am the last three days. And we have spent a lot of time in the bathroom with the hot shower running.

Daniel is coughing even worse than you and has and ear infection that is making his normally difficult temper downright unbearable. Apparently he feels the need to hit everyone who comes within arms reach when he doesn't feel good. 

And poor Tommy just wants Daniel to stop trying to punch him and play with him.
I'm afraid to say it but he too has now begun to cough and his cheeks are turning red...
yes I was right. He is getting a fever too.

Oh and the dryer has died officially...
and of course it would be ideal to be able to do the laundry when we bring the new baby home...
or better yet to just keep up with it before hand!
So last night your Dad was going to head out to get a new one.

Except he realized when he went to leave that his tail lights in the truck were broken.
So instead he spent and hour in the cold driveway trying to fix the problem...
he did but by then the store was closed.

So now tonight he finally brought one home.
And now that he has to maneuver a dryer into our basement he has decided that eight o'clock at night would be the perfect time to clean it out.

He has got a blazing fire now going in the snow in the back yard. Burning all the garbage he can find.
And here I sit listening for one of you to cry for me.
Or go into a coughing fit.
I feel overwhelmed and on the verge of tears.... again.
I find myself calling my mom just to say, "please pray they can get to sleep... 
tell me its going to be ok?"
This is not what I pictured doing nine months ago when I thought of February 16th.

But life is rarely what we imagine it will be.
And for the most part I cannot complain because my life so far has been so much more beautiful than anything I had dared to envision for myself.

That is the beauty of being a mother.
Somehow even at its worst it is still the best.

Its been a very long day with you all needing me much more than usual.
And being this pregnant I feel like I have much less to give.
I hate feeling helpless and without a plan,
so maybe that is part of God's purpose in putting us all through this.
Maybe ripping any semblance of control from my hands is His way of teaching me to be better,
calmer, more patient, less easily shaken.
Have more faith.

Someday this will be you I'm sure in one way or another.
Probably with your own kids.
But even if you don't have any kids of your own you will find that many things life will often overwhelm you.

Just so you know its normal to be overwhelmed.
Its ok to burst into tears multiple times a day... as God knows I have lately.
Its even better to turn those tears into prayers and ask God to get you through it.

"The honest cries of breaking hearts, are better than a hallelujah." ~ Amy Grant

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Mom

My Mom is so old I have only ever seen her childhood in black and white.
She is the small one in the front... this picture is further proof that she was born a "mom".
She was probably not even in school yet and already carrying a purse.

Today is her birthday...
I will not tell you which one exactly, but she is somewhere between 35 and 62.
 That's her holding Daniel... she looks good for her age right?

oh ok fine.... that was me, here is Daniel.
 Same serious, calm, sleepy look on her face. Newborns must have that affect on her.

How do I describe my Mother?

She is selfless.
I find myself trying not to call her for help on a regular basis because I know that she will drop almost anything just to come help me with the kids, or let me take a shower, or bring me a gallon of milk.
A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people,
promptly announces she never did care for pie. 
~Tenneva Jordan

 She is worries too much, but I think its only because she loves us all so much.
She panics over absolutely nothing.
But in times of actual crisis she is somehow utterly calm.
I'm learning this is a mom thing too, never let them see that your afraid.

It makes no difference if we were five years old and getting stitches for the first time,
or twenty five and having complications after having a baby...  she was what we needed.

I cannot forget my mother.  She is my bridge. 
When I needed to get across, she steadied herself long enough for me to run across safely. 
~Renita Weems

She loves our Father, and he loves her.
And that is priceless.
They showed us marriage isn't a fairytale and its not about happily ever after.
Its work, and compromise, and sacrifice.
But its also a promise to God, to each other and to us.
"Faithfulness lives where love is stronger than instinct."
~Paul Carvel

She has a great sense of humor, people are just drawn to her because of it.
That and the fact that I think she reminds everyone of there own mother.
She has taken on the role of of motherhood, and now grandmother, so entirely that I think its just a part of her personality.


If you have a mom, 
there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.  
~Robert Brault

So Happy Birthday Mom... here is my gift to you, one last quote I really liked.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. 
She never existed before. 
The woman existed, but the mother, never.  
A mother is something absolutely new. 

This means that you have "Mom Years".... kind of like dog years,
and thanks to Julie and I you are only 26.

 I guess we could say that what doesn't kill you actually makes you younger! 

Love you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sideswiping You with Random on this Idle Tuesday.

Today is a whole lot of random things with random pictures.
And don't mind me if the pictures have nothing to do with the words... its that kind of day.
I need ice lately.
Not the kind that is covering my driveway and blocking my huge pregnant butt from escape,
the kind in the bag at the gas station.
The kind that only crazy pregnant ladies and their poor exhausted husbands are buying in the dead of winter. I need it and I don't know why. I'm like this at the end of every pregnancy.
And no I have no iron deficiency... I'm just weird.
last major shopping trip pre-baby...
he loves me... no matter what he says.

I am also addicted lately to the smell of clean laundry, 
Tom is going nuts... I have air fresheners plugged in everywhere. 
Plus fabric refresher spray...
plus candles...
I always love this smell but once again my growing belly has created a growing addiction.
Its like the bigger I get the bigger my quirks get too.
My feral children scavenging during the super bowl...
Dinner is whatever you can reach kids! Mommy is busy screaming at the tv...
And I'm not ready to talk about it yet.... maybe after next years super bowl when we get number 7.
But not yet.
I am burying my sorrows in the laundry... because I gave up drinking and the boys are out of socks.
I started with this...
and two hours later I was only at this...
I would like to blame them...
but they are so cute and innocent looking, who would believe me?
 No my distraction is this...
Portable adult conversation in the midst of my life here on Sesame Street.
Plus I'm nine months pregnant... I have to sit down a lot right?

(ps... that is the mammoth cup I fill with aforementioned ice.
 I need help.
I don't like ice out of the tray and this is getting to be and expensive 2-3 bag a week habit.)
Next bit of random... I want to post two not so flattering but HILARIOUS pictures of people.
But I don't want to get in trouble...
 soooo here is one of me first.
thanks for that one Bella...

Ok, now that that is over with on to the good stuff!
Remember Aunt Jeanne you can't be mad... 
You know I didn't even see you there mom... not your best moment either.
But once again, you can't be mad... and if your feeling mad just scroll up.

Ok... next!
hahahahaha....ahhhh.... I know what your all thinking, and you don't have to thank me. 
Its my gift to you.

Happy Random Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crazy Pregnant Me

I am finding it hard to write while pregnant.
Every thought in my head is negative and I can't seem to keep my thoughts running in any kind of orderly fashion.

One minute I furious over some random thing that happened two days ago. 
Then I'm concerned about making a grocery list for the last major pre-baby trip to the grocery store... 
in three days.
Then all I want to do is find the time and energy to organize the pantry and the cabinets because for some reason in that moment I cannot imagine having a baby with semi messy kitchen.

Not that the baby would know the difference.... or anyone besides me really.

When I get this close to having a baby I feel manic.
I suddenly empathize with all the pregnant cats I have ever seen.
They act so weird in the days and especially hours before birth... 
laying down, 
getting up, 
pacing more,
wanting to be with you, 
wanting to be alone, 
making weird other worldly noises.

Oh help me I am like that!
I want to talk, 
He is not listening, 
I want his help, 
he is doing it all wrong,
I need to sleep, 
I cannot lay in bed one more minute.
I am hungry, 
nothing sounds good.
I want to watch a movie, 
this movie is too intense or sad or slow paced... 
I even make weird noises every time I have a random pain or try to get up off the couch to fast.

So what to do to keep me sane?
Pray... a lot.
The ultimate cure would be to give birth...
but in the mean time I will attempt to keep my sense of humor, here is what is keeping me smiling in these last days of gestation.

1. Bella's baby name ideas:
Rosela.... those are for a girl, of course.

For a boy we have, 
Eric... after a prince in a movie...
or Furry... don't ask I have no idea.

She is really mad that we have picked names without her and begs us to reconsider a few times a week. I love her very much but I have an older cousin who wanted my mom to name me Ursala.
Thank you mom for not listening to the whims of a cute child. 
I will not be changing my mind anytime soon.
2.Tommy has asked me often lately when he can go be a "workin man yike Daddy... and fix stuff?"
"When I's bigga?"
He melts me.
I hope he retains this need to be productive once he is old enough to mow the grass.
3. My sister told me that Bella clapped her hands on her head the other day and said loudly,
"I am losing my Mind!"
Hmmm... wonder where she heard that?
4. Poor Daniel is very confused... he has been coming up to me and putting a hand on my belly and saying over and over "Baby? Baby?"
I say yes and he moves his hand to my elbow or leg and asks again,
"Baby? Baby?"
I say no.. mommy...
Then he goes back to my belly and says "Baby!" 
He then "kisses" the baby... which means he slams his face, mouth open into my stomach.
Slobbery... slightly painful... but oh so adorable.
17 Days and counting people... if you know any good jokes leave me a comment!