Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Pregnant

I'm thirty-four weeks pregnant today.
That means six weeks till the big day... probably at most seven.
And really I will be considered "any minute now" pregnant in just three weeks.

...and I have pretty much done nothing to prepare.

Wait that's not true, we have bought one box of diapers.
So the child will not go totally naked.
Its not that I don't have the urge to nest... I really really do.
But also have a head cold for going on five weeks now.
My ob told me on Monday that I need to rest or I could have it until I deliver...
I nearly slapped him, that is possibly six more weeks! 
He swears antibiotics won't help, in fact I've already had one round so I kinda believe him... but still.

I feel like there must be something more he could do... like hire me a maid service and a nanny.
Or put me on bed rest or sedate me until I feel better.

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic here.... but this really just plain stinks.
I would like to enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant and only having three kids.
I'd like to sleep while I still can but I'm averaging only four or five hours a night.
If there is a silver lining its that I am seeing how much I am loved. 
My mom did some of my laundry yesterday.
My aunt made us dinner last night.
My sister in law made us dinner the night before.
thank you all so much again!
Plus when they aren't screaming or getting into general mischief the kids are much more entertaining
to watch than daytime tv... and cute too.
... but when they are screaming it sure makes it hard to sleep.
So pray please that I get better before baby number four decides to join us.
Maybe long enough before that I could get the house cleaned one last time, 
and get some gender neutral sleepers washed for the poor kid.

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Anonymous said...

I'm PRAYING POODIE!! ....really, i am....i know you've had a rough time of it these past few weeks, but maybe once the new one comes he/she will sleep A LOT, and your cold will be gone and then you can concentrate more on other things....for now, i think you probably have enough of either gender clothes to get started and there's plenty of time to get more diapers..hahaha.....and i think staying home like you've been doing is best for all concerned....the kiddo's are more acclimated, have plenty of new toys, and you can nap when they do (IF they do) and just staying warm and cozy sometimes helps!! LOVE YOU BIG MUCH and praying this cold leaves sooner rather than later! Loved the pics of the kids as usual! xoxo AJ