Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

So this post has been a long time coming and I'm determined to do it before we become a family of six.
Along with a million other things like laundry and organizing the pantry... but I'm getting off track.
These were taken back in the fall by one of my many sister in laws.
I have six by the way....and one sister of my very own, and they are all very talented in their own ways.

This post is about Kristin,
Kristin's talent for photography especially benefits me.

If you are in the market for a husband I suggest you start the interview process by finding out if he has a sister who is into photography.... if he does he's a keeper.
Ok well make sure you like him too.....
Honestly though when I met Tom Kristin wasn't doing this yet, which is why there are very few pictures of our dating days, sad but true.

I am not so great about documenting everything even now and that is partly because I know that if Kris is there I don't need to worry. The photos will be taken and they will be a better quality than anything my point and shoot could ever produce.

The best part (besides the beautiful photo's) is she came to us!
So when Daniel's attitude came out we simply put him in bed and took some without him.
It was so much better than trying to keep him happy at a studio with a bunch of other cranky toddlers and their exhausted parents.
I love this one... its possibly my favorite.
....wait no this one...
.... I can't choose I give up.
Also I'd like to point out that the conditions in my yard are not ideal.
Our house is ugly,
old siding, lots of tools and things up back with whatever random car Tom is working on,
I don't want to make us sound like we live in a trash heap, but its a work in progress and we would like to add on to the house soon, and sadly that means siding and landscaping will be the last thing to get done.

I was convinced there would be something in the background of these shots that would make me cringe.
Like the old washing machine that has yet to make it to the scrap yard.
But she worked magic.
Her specialty is kids.
Obviously these are her nephews and niece but she is a big sister to nine and also a nanny.
If she can't get your children to smile for a picture then it can't be done... sorry.

However she does all sorts of different photography.
These she took for me just last weekend.
I hate pictures of myself... these however are some of the best I've had in a long time.
I love this in color and faded... and she even did it in black and white!
Too many options!
She was so good about telling me how to pose. I felt awkward but it ended up looking natural and flattering.
Seriously she did a wonderful job... I should get a picture of myself today and you'll see the difference!
This is not me nine months pregnant.... this is me through her rose colored camera, and I love it!
Its nice to feel pretty instead of huge for a change.
And now I really can't wait to see the cute newborn pictures we'll get!

So check out her blog.
She doesn't write as often as I wish she would because she is always busy editing her last photo shoot.
I suppose that is more important but still, I want more cute pictures to look at...
so comment, follow and encourage her people... more blogging Kris!

If your interested and want to book something or get some prices you can email her at kbphotography10@yahoo.com or find her on facebook.

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