Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Isabella's World

I am trying to loosen up.
Not worry so much.
Give up a little control.

So I gave my four year old my camera, and left her to her own devices.

The first batch are at our house, the second at my mom's aka Nana.
Side note: Please ignore my frightening appearance... showering and putting on make up take energy that I just can't spare these days.

The world through Bella's eyes....
What I like most... Daniel's face in the tent.
she took a picture of her favorite video game on my laptop... why???
Her fingers in the diaper change photo.
Her face in the picture with Aunt Julie... so serious!

All around this was way more interesting than I thought it would be!
I'll be doing this much more often.... and I'll probably need a new camera sooner as a result.
Oh well... life is short and childhood is shorter.

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