Monday, December 27, 2010

Need to Nest

It was Beautiful...
It was exciting...
 and we have been busy and abundantly blessed for the last three days.
I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas for me or the kids.
And now its over.
And I gotta say I'm ready.

My husband has come to expect that every year on the 26th of December I will start figuring out how quickly I can get into un-decorating the house... once I find my window of time I hit it like a force of nature.

I love Christmas more than most,
I put on Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving,
but when its over for me... it's over.

I just want to get on with life as usual,
I want to do all the many things I've been saying I would do "after the holiday's",
I want some normal back.

We are not even 48 hours out from the big event and already I am itching to get this house back in order.
And if it weren't enough that I'm 8 months pregnant I have also been laid low by this never ending head cold,
   I thought I had kicked it a week ago but has come back for revenge.
I told Tom last night I feel like my "to do" list this year is twice as long because the baby is coming soon,
Meanwhile it feels like someone has cut off my right arm.
I can't take the tree down by myself this year,
forget carrying the boxes of decorations downstairs,
I an barely heft a laundry basket down there anymore....

So sadly my compulsive need to nest and clean is at the mercy of my husband.
The same man who tells me every year that his mom keeps her tree up till after New Years.

Six more days may just drive me to the edge.