Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Gift of Christmas for Parents

I think I have figured it out.
Forget the commercialism and the hype that the big companies pump out the moment Halloween ends...
forget if you can the neighbor kids who will be getting the ipod, and the wii...
and the best of everything else too....

That is not what makes me want to make each Christmas "more" and "better" for my kids.
They each only got two toys this year at our house actually.
Two things they really wanted.... but still...
I mean more as in, bake more cookies, 
watch more Christmas movies,
wake them up when we forget to move the advent calendar... and that's no small thing people.

Its the fact that on Christmas day we get a special gift...
a rare perspective...
childhood is reduced to days instead of years.

Isabella is 4 now... so we have maybe 7... 8 more Christmases like this?

7 or 8 more days before these magical childhood Christmases start to fade into the calmer excitement of the teenage years. 

I am not sad that they will obviously and inevitably get older.
I look forward to having deep real conversations with them.
But on days like today when the road between then and now seems startlingly short... I want to soak it all up
do it all bigger...
hold them all just a little tighter.

Hold on tight and enjoy the days like these, they are too few and far between.

Merry Christmas.