Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Chrismas.... and A Lot of Firsts

Today I had planned to bake, and wrap, and clean... and get ready!
But after a lousy nights sleep and lots of fake contractions I thought I would try to take it easy and wait till Tom got home to tackle the Christmas workload.... 

the children had other plans for me.

First Daniel skipped his morning nap, 
the one where I was planning to stick the other two in front of the TV 
and lay on the couch for an hour and a half....

this is not so unusual but he didn't nap yesterday at all, so I was sure I'd get my break then.

Ok, plan B... 
everyone will nap together after lunch but before our friend Devin (who is six months old) comes over for me to babysit. I figured I had enough time after lunch to lay them all down, get a shower, and rest on the couch for a half hour before I needed to be up to watch him.

Wrong again.

The children and the dog made a mess of some goldfish crackers all over the living room.
So I had to vacuum after lunch, 
meanwhile I sent Tommy to the potty to prepare for nap time.
Tommy then failed to close the door when he was finished...
and Daniel decided to go play in the potty water...
and did I mention that Tommy also forgot to flush said potty water?

I will spare you the rest.
Daniel is a handful but this was a first for me... and that's saying something when your on your third toddler.
I guess I should be grateful.

So in trying to strip and bathe him I end up with the icky water on me... hence I am now running late...
but I REALLY need that shower.

I lay them down as quick as I can... and run through the shower.
Still somehow there is time to lay down.
Set phone alarm.

Thank God for soft semi-new couch, and sleeping children.

Close eyes.


Feel someone poking me.

Its my Darling oldest child informing me she needs to go potty... 
I tell her she just went.
She says she didn't have to go then.

I give up.

Help her potty and stick her back in bed for what will only amount to 10 minutes...
then I hear Tommy yelling for me... 
Before I know it I have them both in front of the tv with snacks
in a desperate attempt to at least keep Daniel asleep.... he needs it the most anyway.

Devin comes.... Daniel wakes... Devin sleeps... 
Devin's mom comes to get him and as we are chatting Daniel decides to take a glass ball off the tree and whip it into the dining room full force.
Another first.... the kid is breaking all sorts of standards around here.
Bear in mind this tree has been up for three weeks...why now? 
Who knows.
Soon I have cleaned up the mess and am trying to decide what to make for dinner.
I am out of easy Ideas and I feel guilty asking Tom to shell out money for take out so I begin cooking very near tears from exhaustion.

Soon Bella comes hobbling toward me crying... and I see in her wake a trail of blood.
Apparently I missed some glass.

And the mother of the year award goes to.....
I clean her up and stick her on the couch to be examined by Daddy when he gets home in about a half hour.
  vacuum again to spare us all more pain....

Dad gets home and is checking on Bella... trying to see if all the glass is out.
In the kitchen I see Daniel starting to try to climb his heavy wooden high chair out of the corner of my eye.
I am holding a knife so I turn to put it down as I go to stop him...
If you are a mother you know whats coming.

He goes backwards and the HEAVY, WOODEN high chair lands totally on top of him.

I am immediately next to him, and Tom is even faster than me.
I am also immediately crying.
This is my limit.

Tom thought he knocked out a tooth but it was just a little piece of cauliflower he had left in his mouth...
If you are a mother right now you are saying thank God he didn't choke.
Heck if you have half a brain you are saying that.

Once again the mother of the year gave the 18 month old cauliflower and let him loose.
To be fair I doubt it was big enough to choke on... but still.

Lots of blood and tears and a split lip seem to be the only thing he suffered.
(Its on the top right which makes him look a little like Elvis...)

I will be checking on him more than once tonight for sure.

Once again, this is another first.
This boy is either trying to kill me or himself... I'm not sure which.

Please God, I would like a nice, quiet girl for number four.
Tomorrow I will (hopefully) bake some, I will (hopefully) nap some, 
and I will try to calm my frayed nerves with some soft Christmas music....

Tonight I will Thank God that he protected my children and my least for today....
And that even when bad things happen I can take comfort that he understand a parents pains and fears.
At Christmas more than ever we should remember that God is a Father too.