Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear Tommy,

Dear Tommy,
It's snowing a lot today, just like it did three years ago when you were born. I love it...
I can't explain the joy you have given us the last three years.
You were the sweetest, most content baby, you ate, slept and smiled all the time.
I don't say that lightly anymore... 
your brother is loved beyond measure but I would never call him "easy going".
Its a compliment for sure, 
but even when you are a screaming, crying mess I would still not trade you for the world...
maybe for a few hours... but I could never stay away for long.
 You are a joy to your Daddy too.
I remember trying to shop with him for things for Bella, and wondering why he didn't seem to be having fun.
Now when we go out to get Christmas gifts I have to remind him about our budget
as he dreams about race tracks and nerf guns he can buy for you... or himself?

You brought out something in him I hadn't seen before, its him when he was a little boy.
totally precious.
And to see you be little brother and now big brother to these two melts my heart.
 You are in a tough spot little man, you sort of have a balancing act to perform.

Never the first to do anything, 
but never the baby either.

I don't envy you, and it won't be easy. But then nothing worthwhile ever is.
God gave you this spot in our family because he knew it was a job made just for you.
You have to be patient with someone smaller who you can boss.... sometimes,
and someone bigger... who is going to boss you... sometimes.
I know that part of that sweet nature God gave you was just for this role.
 Don't misunderstand, you do have your moments and meltdowns....  just like anyone.

But the phrase "a rose between two thorns" keeps popping into my head.
 So happy happy happy birthday to you my sweet baby.
Hold on tight to that joy and sweetness that is so much a part of you.
Its God given.... so keep it always.

When your Daddy prayed for you today he said may we have a hundred years more together,
and may the days go slowly....  I'm sure a hundred years won't be enough.
But I'll say Amen.

Love, Mommy