Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Mother's Work

I asked Tommy to put his boots on the other day so we could go home from Nana's... 
I told him they were in the middle of the cleaned up playroom.
he ignored me.... twice.

So I took away the flashlight he was looking at and made it clear, as he started to whine,
that this was a command, not a request.
Go get your boots on!

He came out of the playroom a few minutes later running with a plastic chair over his head... 
screaming and chasing his sister.

No boots on yet.

I asked where they were and he said.... "ummmmmm"

I asked again...
He says, "Dey are hidin fwom me!"

Liar liar.... we have a new milestone folks....
I'm sure this is not his first lie, but its the first major, obvious one I've caught.... little busy here ya know.

I sent him in again and he came out five minutes later with his boots finally on....
the wrong feet.
This is the true work of the mother... 
making them do for themselves that which would only take you two minutes 
when you know it will take them twenty and give you a headache.