Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunrise... Sunset...

My computer has reached maximum capacity!
I have no more space left to upload photos.... I think maybe that means I have to many.
Anyway my jack of all trades husband will be fixing this shortly but until he does all my new adorable pictures are stuck on my camera.

So I thought I would go back in time a bit.
Its always a good reality check to see where you've be and compare it to where you are now.
Some Octobers past....

 So we are going to glaze over October 2005...
since I don't think I have many pictures from then...
and I didn't own a computer of my own back then so most all the pictures I would have are on CD's.
Hence you cannot see them because I cannot upload them!

Let me paint you a picture instead, 
Five months married, 
Four months pregnant.
emotions were running high I'm sure, but life was exciting, new, and good.

Ok onto 2006...
Wow, picture quality has come a long way huh?
This is Bella around seven months old, with my Grandma.
I'm so glad they had this time together.
Now she calls her "Big grandma Julia who lives in heaven."

Big as in "Great"... she was not large, she maybe weighed 98 pounds soaking wet.
Just wanted to clarify.
She went home the following May.
We miss her very much still, I wonder how long it will take for the holidays to feel normal without her?
I think they probably never will, and that's a good thing in a way.

 Time marches on to 2007...
We are enjoying lots of firsts with Isabella who is about 19 months, 
and we are anxiously awaiting Tommys arrival.
It's so hard to believe we were ever a family of three.
... and its amazing to me how young Tom looks...
...and how round I look...
and how much Isabella looks like Daniel.
These were my favorite pj's on her, they were past down from her Grammy.
They were last worn by her much loved Aunt H.
If Bella knew that she would still be wearing them I think!

On to 2008....
Tommy is ten months old and we can't imagine life without him.
I am amazed at their relationship already. Like they were born to be best friends.
This was my hope from before they were born of course
but I couldn't have imagined the feeling of seeing it in reality.
We are beginning to realize that she is a girlie girl... to an extreme.
Example... to her this is an everyday outfit. 
Perfectly good for the playground, grocery store, or dinner at the white house.
And although Tommy is still the baby of the family we have just found out that, come June,
he will also be a big brother.

Before we can blink it is October of 2009....
We are now a family of five.
With a four month old...
another who is not quite two...
and lastly our firstborn, who is now an expert big sister at the age of three and a half.
Life is busy but beautiful.
It was around this time that we lost our much loved dog Sheba.
But we found some comfort in our new puppy Jack.
There was a little adjustment....
but we got him some chew toys and they have since become the best of friends.

Its hard to believe just one year ago Daniel was in his little baby carrier.
And Tommy could still be contained in a pack n play...
I melt when he gives me this cheesy smile....

Four years gone by in a blink.... and we come to just this past weekend....
We are five still but with a little kick boxer reminding us... well mostly me, that life is ever changing.
By this time next year the picture of our life will look a bit different.
And I will look back on the family we are now and wonder where the time has gone.
Mothers with children who have grown say that the "days are long but the years are short."

Amen.... truer words were never spoken.