Friday, October 1, 2010

Sink or Swim

Today was one of those....

Tom took my car this morning to get an estimate on some body work.
Its not that I had anywhere to go... its just knowing that I couldn't go anywhere that bothered me.

Some days I wish that I was stuck at home... but the days when I am I feel nearly suffocated.
I guess the reason is that when things reach the boiling point here..
When I know I'll go completely insane if one more person tries to climb my leg, 
or hits their sibling because they "wouldn't stop singing"
or becomes hysterical because I say, "no more pretzels, dinner will be ready in ten."
When we get to that point the only option left to me that will keep us all safe and sane is to strap them all down in those car seats that I affectionately think of as strait jackets, and leave the loony bin.
Sometimes we go to target, 
sometimes my sainted mother or mother in laws house, 
sometimes we just drive until I feel better.

So not having my car is like someone taking away my life preserver and sending me white water rafting.
I'm a great swimmer... but these are not your average waters.

There are hazards at every turn...
teething... four molars at once...
lactose intolerance induced vomiting...
potty training set backs...
nose dives off the couch...

shall I continue?

Back to the problem at hand... not having a car today was bad enough,
but now I will be stranded tomorrow as well.
After Tom got the estimate he got rear ended... so back he goes tomorrow for an estimate on a new bumper.
I'm not even gonna think about next week when they will be doing the actual work....
I need a new life preserver....
I'm thinking Nick Jr. and a lot of chocolate.