Thursday, September 16, 2010

Humbled By a Haircut

Our Pastor's wife is always teasing me that Tommy's hair makes him look like Rod Stewart.
The only difference is Tommy's hair does this naturally
And we don't let it get that long... because it scares me.
I start to hear "Do ya think I'm sexy?" in my head often.... 

I also don't like it really short,
honestly I like it when its just like his Dad's hair.
But I'm awful at cutting hair, just ask my best friend from high school... it grew back,
and I thought a short bob looked really cute on her... but that's another story.

So all that to say I'm to cheap to pay and not skilled enough to do it myself.
So Daddy does the hair cuts.
Except for weeks now its been on the "to do" list and hasn't actually gotten done

So Saturday night I was determined to get his haircut before bath time... 
except bedtime came and went and everyone was getting cranky and tired, and Daddy was on the phone.
And I was getting more and more annoyed waiting.
And we had to get up for church in the morning so baths were necessary

So I say to him "were you going to cut it or just buzz it?"
Meaning make it look like yours or give him a longish buzz cut.
He says buzz....
So I head to the bathroom with Tommy and decide that much I can do myself.

Meanwhile if I had stopped to take a breathe I would have known Tom was getting  porch all ready for him to get his haircut out there.
 So I take his clothes off so he's ready for the tub and set him on a towel.
 Then he starts freaking out about the clippers buzzing...
I try to calm but he isn't making any sense.

Finally I realize what he's saying...
"No tut off my pee pee mama! You no tut it off!"
tut = cut in Tommy speak.
And he's cupping it.... I guess he thought that was why he wasn't wearing any clothes.

So I explain and he calms down and I'm laughing so hard I'm nearly crying.
Apparently the sense of "self" preservation for men is strong from birth... 

Back to the task at hand, I start at his forehead....
and immediately I see my mistake.
I grabbed the number one attachment, 
I meant to get number two.
but all the talk of pee pee's getting cut off distracted me... 
and maybe I was still in a huff about Daddy being on the phone. Maybe.
So since i started in the front I was stuck.
and so was poor Tommy.
Dad wasn't to happy with it either.

"You never start in the front!" he groaned... "this is why."
The boy is a millimeter away from being mister clean.
Oh well hair grows fast right? 

Now If I could just grow patience a little faster...
hmmm.... I guess that last statement is missing the point yet again,
some people never learn, I fear I am one of them.