Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nipple Confusion...

I told Tommy yesterday...
"I love you more than the sun... and the moon.... and the stars!"
He gasps and whispers in awe,
"How long is that!?"

 A few nights ago Isabella went into her room to pray with Daddy and he was laying on her bed waiting.
He says, "I love this bed.... you know this used to be Daddy's bed?"
Bella is confused,
"My bed?"
"Yep" said Dad, "This was my bed when I lived at Grammy and Grandpa's house"
Isabella thinks for a minute and says,
"Did you wear my clothes too?"

I assumed this was Isabella's most recent attempt at being funny...
"Daddy? Do you take your nipples off when you go to bed?"
We laugh and thought she was just being silly... 
The next day she refereed to my bra as "mommy's nipples"

Now I'm just confused... 
does she know what nipples are?
Does she think Daddy wears a bra?
What am I missing?

And I swear this one is saying his own name... 
or maybe I just need to take a long nap and an extra strength tylenol.
It sure sounds like Daniel anyway.

"Naniel.... Naniel...."

 And at the ripe old age of 15 months he has finally learned to walk!!! 
This might be a record for our kids, Bella was 17 months and Tommy was right around this age too.
I'll have to do the math to see who gets first place.
 And someday maybe I'll figure out how to post a video to showcase his cuteness.
Till then... more packing.....
Pray for me people!!!

 ... and yes I know he needs shoes, I have since gotten him a pair, $2.99! I love thrift stores!!!