Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank you Lord for Chocolate and Nap time..... and Please Help Me Not to Kill My Dog. Amen.

Tom has had to work late the last two nights...
On Tuesday he worked from 6am until after midnight.
On Wednesday he made it home just in time to see the kids for twenty minutes before bed.

That means today I am overly tired, 
lonely for my husband 
and could very well lose my mind even under the best circumstances.
As I write this it is 2:00 in the afternoon and already I feel I have had a full days worth of irritation....

Oh wait here we go again... my computer just crashed,
Thank you Lord and blogger for the auto save feature
anyway I'm back to complain some more, aren't you lucky.

So this morning the baby cried for a bottle just before seven.
I went in, changed him and gave him his bottle and he settled back down
for what I guessed would be and hour to and hour and a half,
so rather than be productive I took my pregnant butt back to bed.
But first I let Jack out of his cage,
because if I don't he would be crying for me before anymore kids needed me.
And then I'd have to get back up...
and then I'd be angry....
and I might hurt myself kicking Jacks cage.

So my thought pattern went something like that and since lately Jacks destructive nature has been oriented towards wooden furniture...
specifically antiques..... I thought I would hear him if he chewed anything in my room.

my dear father in law would say "you what"
I thought..... "well that was your first mistake."

very helpful Dad thanks.
Anyway today Jack did not go for the piano leg,
or the antique sofa,
or Toms grandfathers dresser,
no today Jack made the quilt my mom bought me before my wedding look like a poncho.
big hole.... right in the middle.

So as a soon to be mother of four,
grown, rational, non-materialistic woman,
what do I do?
I burst into tears and spend the next fifteen minutes crying to my husband on the phone
while trying to get the kids in the car to go to my mothers.

So I'm buckling Tommy in the car and I slide over on the middle seat to get Daniels buckle and guess what?
I slide to far and fall out the door of the van, scraping my shin and dropping the phone...
accidentally hanging up on Tom but not before screaming in Toms ear.

Now I'm crying even harder.... and Tommy keeps saying "Mom? why's you's not happy?"
And I show him my boo boo and tell him what Jack did.

Get in the driver's seat and call Tom back to cry some more
and tell him I'm gonna castrate this dog myself if we don't figure out how to stop him soon....
Tom thinks this will make him fat and lazy.
I am not a vet, I don't know.... but I know I loved that quit.

Soon Tommy is saying "mama!? see that big truck? Are you's happy now?"

In Tommy's world its the little things that make it all better,
like dump trucks and Diego.

So I'm gonna take a lesson from my toddler and go watch a  good movie and eat some ice cream.
And maybe Google about quilting for beginners....