Monday, August 16, 2010

The Farmers Wheel

This is what the last week or so have felt like to me....

one big crazy blur...
please stop the ride I'm going to be sick.
We had fun... too much fun for one long weekend.
It's going to take awhile to process all this, here is what we did.
Went to the annual farm show, 
went to the annual family day at Idlewild park,
went to my moms to visit my Chicago cousins,
twice... once Friday night, and all day Saturday for a picnic,
went to church then to another cousins big birthday party.
Then we came home and collapsed on the pile of dirty laundry... it was ironically convenient.

The silver lining around the cloud of exhaustion and pandemonium is that
one... we made lots of good memories, and a few that we will eventually laugh about I'm told.
two... I have a weeks worth of blog posts and cute pictures.
and three.... I have learned more about my kids through this insanity.

For example If Tommy misses his nap he is not only very emotional but also he suddenly has 
NO bladder control. 

Isabella is always onto the next thing in her head before we have even begun to to the current thing.
I must learn how to break her of this, she is missing all the fun
In this case she is waiting for the merry-go-round to start and asking about the fun house she just spotted.

And Daniel really is lactose intolerant! I've been messing with his diet for weeks and yesterday I had a "duh" moment and gave him some mac and cheese at the birthday party.
I've paid for that mistake four times today.
But I'll spare you the pictures of his messy diapers and instead show you what he thinks 
about the merry-go-round.... an hour and a half after bed time.

He cried and cried and cried, then it started spinning and he started blinking a lot...
I'm just glad he didn't puke.

Alright back to the fun stuff....
I'll go in order and write about the Farm Show first.
This is why we Had to go....

Isabella loves the "Farmers Wheel" and has been asking about it for months.
Lord only knows where she comes from, 
I hate heights and so does every one in my hard working eastern European lineage....
I blame the French in her.
But I am trying to spare her my neurotic tendencies so I bit the bullet.

this is Nana, my Mom waiting with Daniel.... she is not happy about this ride.
Tommy rode with my sister and our cousin Andrea, this is the best photo I could get :(

You can't tell but that is Nana on her knee's next to the stroller
She did this last year too.
She claims to be unable to stand upright while we are stopped at the top.

I know how she feels though I don't like it either.
Did I mention that this same ride has been here every year as long as I can remember?
Things this big should not be mobile.

Tom has to keep me calm and remind me to look at the camera...

Ok enough fun for one night... we got stopped at the top twice.
For a lllooonnnggg time... shudder, wince, moan.

Andrea said I seemed better that my sister Julie, she was praying audibly and often.
I was no better really, I think just have more faith....
in God that is not the carnival guys and rusty old rides.
There are no atheists on Ferris wheels.

More mayhem later....