Thursday, July 8, 2010

Making a Mess... of Everything.

It's getting messy here
This is one of my survival tactics, let the children run wild and play with every toy we own at once.

It's to hot to be outside for very long and I am constantly queasy.... it works ok?
And when it stops working?
We go trash Nana's house!
This week Tommy and Bella got a crash course in shucking corn.
Bella look at the camera!?
 No... honey, look at the circle!
 close enough.....
He'll be a pro by next summer... don't worry.

Unfortunately there is nowhere that is really safe for us.
Even at Nana's house things can and do happen.

The thing is .... I'm not sure how this happened.
I didn't look up until she screamed.
That would be Thomas the train stuck on her head... its one of those types that you pull back to wind up.
Somehow she wound it up on her head and we couldn't get it off.
The child is gifted.
We cut it out in the end and you can hardly notice..
As soon as we did the the little wheel spun around about ten times. 
It was clearly the only way.

And Nana? 
I know you're probably not very happy with me that you are in the backround of every picture....
in your bathing suit....  
wearing Daddy's glasses...
I agree you ususally look better.

So here is a bad picture of me to make it even....
See how much I love you?