Friday, June 25, 2010

And Then There Were Four!

I've been sleepy lately, exhausted is more like it.
I cannot keep my eye's open in the morning.
And I fall into bed earlier and earlier each day.
I am constantly ravenously hungry, but nothing really sounds appealing.
And then I eat one bite to much and I feel instantly nauseated.
I am misplacing everything.
Including my husbands keys...
sorry again babe...
I have no energy to write even though I have lots to say and lots of cute pictures to post.
And if I were to write about anything important I would probably end up putting my foot in my mouth.
My hormones are raging, I am constantly crying about everything, both happy and sad.
For example Tom did the dishes the other night when I was showering and I was so grateful that I cried.
and its not like he doesn't help... he does... a lot.... I am just nuts....


Have you figured it out yet?

yep... I am pregnant!

We are hoping and praying that there will be a healthy little bundle in our arms in February.
Would you pray for that with us?
Now that we have lost a baby its hard not to be nervous about it happening again.
And we are very early, we have not yet heard a heartbeat.
I realize that most people don't like to tell anyone until they are reassured that everything is fine.
But I don't see the point, I'm an open book. If I think something then chances are I say it too.
Even if I wanted to keep it a secret its way obvious to anyone who knows me...
I become like another person....
see above symptoms.

We have a doctors appointment to hear the little ones heartbeat at the end of July.
I've got a million thoughts in my head but for now I'll stop here.
If you pray, then pray for our little one to grow and be strong.