Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Real Life in the Potty Training Trenchs

It is four minutes to midnight... I am right on time once again.

Life here has be a bit crazy, 
Tom has been late, 
the kids have been cranky, 
and we have just plain overbooked ourselves silly.

Well I guess that last one is my fault since I keep the schedule.


I knew it was time to stay home and detox.
The kids just plain get away with Everything when we are out and about constantly.
There are always other kids and therefore more conflicts...
so you let things slide when fights break out cause you can't figure out who started it...
There are Nana's and Pappy's and Grammy's and Grandpa's who have earned the right to spoil them and by God they will do it, no ifs, and's, or but's about it.....
 And then there is the build up of laundry and dishes on the home front, so on that rare day that you don't have something scheduled both morning and night you need to do some cleaning... 
or you'll need a toxic waste specialist... and I bet that is expensive.

So what do you do??? You have to get some laundry done...
 Let the TV keep them captive of course, 
and when that starts to fail you give them goldfish crackers until they are to full to eat dinner.
Anything to make them be still!!!

Have I made my point? 
This is a recipe for creating whiny, cranky, defiant, tantrum throwing brats.
These are not the children I signed up for, 
these are not the children I have worked hard to train, 
these are not the children I want to take to family functions or even to wal-mart.

So we are staying home to refocus and take a little refresher course in "Expected Behavior 101"
Not just them but me too.

I also decided to potty train Tommy this week. I was inspired by this blog post. 
Anyway it has reminded me that I need to pay more attention to them in general.
Because imagine how much differently I'm watching him now that he is crawling on my rugs and furniture with a "loaded weapon" that is no longer safely in his pampers!

Since I am watching more closely I'm seeing the behaviors I want to change much more quickly and finding way more opportunities to deal with them.
I'm also seeing ones I didn't realize we had to deal with in the first place.
Lets just say that if my oldest child wanted to run for office in the near future.... I think she could win.
She is a total con-artist.
Using and abusing reverse psychology on her brother.
"Tommy? Do you wanna get in the stroller and I'll push you?
.... No???.... 
Ok..... I'm gonna get in then..... 
I'm getting in now......
I'm doing it.....
Oh YOU want to!?  
Meanwhile Tommy has a problem not only with weak mindedness but with screaming...
for no reason!
Nobody even needs to be touching him... he is just screaming.
If she even looks at him funny he screams.
For months now I just assumed she was instigating, but that is not always the case.

I have my work cut out for me here, say a prayer or send something chocolate.
And pay more attention to your kids!!! 
Save yourself from the nightmare that is this preschool boot camp I have sentenced myself too!