Monday, May 24, 2010

He is an early bird... in this family that is....

Daniel pulled himself up to standing today!
He just turned eleven months.
He is leading the pack now as far as gross motor skills for children in this family...
Sad I know.

He was so excited to find something that made noise.. he "played" for a good twenty minutes.

Bella walked around 17 months
Tommy around 14 months.
Daniel is well on his way to setting a record for the family!
Go Baby Go!!!

Our Weekend.

I didn't know what the plan was for our anniversary weekend.
All I knew was we were dropping the kids off at Grammy's on Friday after lunch and we were free until Sunday afternoon... that alone would have been enough!

But Tom insisted on surprises...

A card just after midnight on Friday morning  :)  our anniversary.

He cleaned the house, after I left to drop off the kids and rearranged some things he knew I wanted done.
 He even mopped the kitchen floor!
If it weren't for the artwork on the fridge and walls you wouldn't have known we had kids living here. 

He also put stuff from our wedding all around the house, photos, cake knife, my bouquet.

Then another card... cause he is indecisive and he like them both.
So he got them both... don't you love how men think?

Then I was ordered to dress up for dinner... and this was the view from our table....

And these were the roses that were waiting for me!

And then after dessert there was jewelry!!!
I never saw it coming... the restaurant... the flowers... that was more than enough!
But I do love diamonds so I won't complain.

And as a thank you I made him this for breakfast,
and of course I had to have some too :)

Here is the link to the recipe! Your welcome in advance!

It was the most relaxing beautiful weekend!!!
I am so blessed that he is mine...

but now back to reality and weight watchers!
I think I gained a pound just looking at the pictures....