Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Time Warp

I've been looking through wedding photos.
I thought I would be inspired to write about "us"
me and him
the beginning of our life together.
That is what your wedding day is supposed to be about right?

An old life ending and a new one beginning, a life together.

Except when I look back on that day I don't really see us.
It was a day all about us, celebrating the choice we were making... "forever"

But when I look at the photos now mostly I see all the people who came to celebrate with us
and my mind starts reeling at how much we have all changed in five short years.

In this picture are Tom's five groomsmen, at the time none of them had any kids, and none of them were married. Now they have all been married or engaged and between them they have ten kids, well.... thirteen if you include Tom.

My "little" cousin Alex and her friend... well into their high school years now.

... my husbands little brothers, these two will be sixteen soon...

My Gram... she passed away about two years after our wedding, just a few months after Bella turned one.
It was such a blessing that she lived long enough to meet Tom and my daughter.

I could go on and on, friendships lost, new ones made, ones that need some tlc.

I remember wondering how I'd ever fit in to Tom's big noisy family and now I feel like I've always been there.

I wondered how I would ever be able to live without my sister in the next room and my beck and call.
(we are still working on that one.... I think the best solution is for her to just move in here.)

Tom's little brother and his best friend.
Both married now,
both new dad's.


(Andrea! put some clothes on!!!)

This was the first big family thing my cousin brought his future wife to.
They weren't engaged yet.

Now they are the proud parents of this cutie...

Of course some things haven't change, and in that I find comfort.
This picture could have been taken yesterday, 
minus the dressy clothes 
and one of them is blond, 
one is out of state, 
and one has lost a hundred pounds or so.... I'll let you speculate.

And of course my mom and dad, same as ever.... probably better with time.

Too much emotion in this picture to even begin to form a sentence about it, but how could I leave it out?
my girls, 
my best friends.

Ok I'm stopping before I have to get someone to come mop me up off the floor.
Maybe if I go look at our wedding scrapbook I'll be able to make it about us again.

But maybe a wedding just isn't about two people,
maybe its about two families,
two groups of friends, 
two histories 
coming together to make one big beautiful "Once Upon a Time" from which we can begin to write our story.