Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Obligatory... "Why I Blog" Post

Why am I blogging? I think every blog I read has this post.
So here is my answer to that.
I like the sense of community, I like when people relate to me.
It makes me feel normal... I didn't claim to be normal, but its nice to fool myself sometimes.

I want people to understand me better. I want to understand myself better.

I love to speak my mind and sometimes I talk before I think.... 
and its harder to type before I think... 
I just can't type that fast..
so at least this way I have to press "enter" before my verbal vomit becomes public.
I think maybe I might have something worthwhile to say...and if I don't??
I know that Jesus does so I will just point you to Him every so often.
I want a record of these days and moments with my family, I am told they go by quickly.
I love to write but I don't have the energy to do it for myself alone, 
knowing you are reading this keeps me going.

I want to be famous.... seriously.... 
and rich of course!
I don't think this will ever lead to that but a girl can dream right?