Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Men at Work, Dogs in Therapy....

I have no wisdom to spout here today, no funny stories, no energy for anything really.
I am having a weird and fairly unproductive day.
I can't seem to get ahead of the housework anymore, 
This has been the norm practically since Daniel was born. He is a sweet "easy" baby... but he is a baby.
So we have more to do... less time to do it in... and I am tired.
Bone weary.
And if I'm tired then Tom must be near death.
The man never stops working! He always has something he needs to be doing lately and so tonight I'm on my own with the little ones, probably until Letterman comes on.
I'm glad he is a hard worker though... I'm even more glad when he is hard at work right outside my kitchen window where I can stare at him like a thirteen year old who is in love for the first time...

 I'm so glad he doesn't wear a suit to work everyday... this is a way better look in my opinion.
 When I took this picture I told him it was the "money shot"... I love to make him blush by telling him I"m going to blog about him!

So the tree house is progressing slowly, it has been unseasonably cold the last few days, and Tom has been busy, but this weekend looks promising.
When i say "promising" I mean warm enough to sit outside and watch him work all day...
after he lets me sleep in on Saturday.... 
Are you reading this baby??? 
Plleeaaasseee??? Just till ten thirty?

We have been enjoying the great indoors too. Camping out between the boys cribs.
And I am brightening up the cold cloudy weather with my happy toes.
They make me disproportionately happy.....
Here are some more pictures of the kids "campin" without my freakishly long toes in the way.
Ahhh poor Jack...
I think he need to get outside more than the average pup. I read that boxers get destructive if they don't get enough attention....
remember the snow white massacre?
Well in the last few days he has eaten  her friend sleeping beauty, 
the back legs of a large plastic grasshopper, 
a toy frog,
a stuffed elephants trunk,
an earring,
a barbie hairbrush,
an Easter egg filled with bubble stuff...
and a partridge in a pear tree.....

See!? ... this is why I blog... now that I wrote it out like that I'm not nearly as angry...
But still this has to stop!
I bought those toys for my children to destroy... not my dog.
Also I'm afraid if he continues down this path of destruction and crime
I will have to hide Isabella's favorite Snow White dress...
Does anyone else think he is looking at her like she is dinner?

Does anyone know the number of a good Doggy therapist?

And I guess I lied... I did have a funny story after all.