Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random stuff.... because I attacked the laundry today and my brain is mush.

I have so many random things going through my head today... this is going to be disorganized... like my closets.

First, Today is Kristin's Birthday.

Did you know God has a sense of humor?

When I first met Kristin I unfortunately believed her to be a self righteous, annoying Christian....
(Christian was bad thing in my opinion... by the way.) 
I have grown up, a lot... become a Christian... and she is now one of my best friends and my sister.

(Just for the record she grew up a bit too... but I did have further to go to meet in the middle... anyway.)

I have learned from her and leaned on her so much over the last eight years.... 
Thanks for being born Kris!

Daniel has got another tooth! I found it this morning.
That makes the score:
Bottom- 3
Top- 0

Sorry sweetie... no steak just yet.

Tommy... well, nothing new with him.... still just plain adorable.

Bella too... she just finished her first "big kid class" at church.
It had a detective theme.
(... I'm still not sure I even want to show you this...)
I keep finding these around the house and I get a little startled thinking I've seen a mouse.

 The weather has been beautiful for this time of year... so we can use the fireplace Tom built last year.
It's not done yet, obviously... but hopefully by June it will be pretty and polished!

But of course we can't just have one project going on... we have to have at least ten.
So here is the next big thing at our house...
Daddy is building a tree house! 
To remind us each time we go out to play, or look out the window that we are loved... 
in an extravagant way :) He has big plans for this thing.

While I wasn't looking he somehow lifted that platform up there BY HIMSELF.
He salvaged it from a deck they tore off a house and it was already put together... so he left it that way.
I'm disappointed and a little relieved that I missed it. I would have been freaking out, and probably tried to "help" and then I would have made him somehow hurt himself.
He tried to explain how he did it to me but I'm not the brightest crayon in the box 
so I gave up trying to picture it.
We have moved this project to Top priority because these two are pretty anxious.

I'll show you more when its done, probably a week or two!
Happy Weekend!