Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop and smell the Transmission Fluid.

My car broke down yesterday... maybe a quarter mile from my house.
But I live on a very busy street so there was nothing to do but sit with three whiny kids and wait for my Knight in shining Cadillac to come... my Daddy. 
He is my go to guy. 
I can always count on him.
And I love how he loves to save my day.
Sometimes I think he is just waiting for me or mom or sister to have car trouble, or see a mouse, or spot a huge spider so he can swoop in and rescue us.
And I love that he does it in a luxury car.

I do not love that my car was broke down,
and I have to wrestle three car seats from a minivan into one back seat.... 
where they could unfortunately all touch each other, and steal each others toys.

So my car is done for probably a week or more. And I'm going to be mostly stranded come tomorrow when my mom's "weekend" ends and I have to give the Caddy back.

Tom's car is near breakdown as well, and even if it weren't I'm not sure all our car seats will fit in there.

My washing machine is bleeding to death all over the basement.... 
I'm trying to remain calm and not look down.
Every time I see more oil I just throw an old sheet over it and try to stay in denial.
I am absolutely terrified of the thought of dragging the three of them plus our laundry to a Laundromat. 
I'm not entirely convinced its even possible.

Oh yes, and last but not least.. Weight Watchers What??? 
I have eaten my weight in Chocolate chip cookies in the last three days.
They are calling to me, seeking me out, plotting to sabotage me.
I am so weak.
They are so yummy.


I'm gonna go bury my head in my pillow and pray tomorrow is better and the cookies stop talking to me.