Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Lighthouse

Where do I begin?
Ok, its Tuesday morning... my house is a mess and so am I... but i am slowly pulling both together.
I was gone from 10am Saturday till 1pm Sunday. 

So.... 27 hours... 
Wow, not much really.
Shockingly that is all it took for me to get out of "mommy mode".
Even to the point where it is hard for me to get back at the house work at full force, even today I'm still being a bit lazy.

Kristin picked me up and we hit the road. The kids were actually very calm about me leaving, only Tommy protested... "mommy no go, mommy." he said as he tried to pull me away from the door... he almost cried but then I told him he needed to watch Daddy for me and he immediately brightened up and started to take his job seriously... three hours, and lots of good conversation later, and we were at a a Subway by our hotel...
Then came the wedding. It was beautiful and simple. The church was old, beautifully detailed, and perfect. 

Then we had an hour to kill between the church and the reception.
Enter Todd... Todd is the only person Kristin knew at this wedding besides the bride and groom.
This is Todd...
he said he was going to find a lighthouse...
we said cool and we invited ourselves.
Some interesting facts about Todd:
He said i could blog about him :) so I am
He had two loaves of white bread in his car. weird.
He (obviously) has red hair.. which makes him automatically cool.
He is a nurse... in a Pediatric ICU... I am in awe.
He took off his shoes at some point to "experience the same thing" we were... 
we had our heels off... and it was not warm.
 But it was fun.

We found a girl's drivers license laying on the path leading up to the rocks and started speculating that she had been murdered and the killer was just very sloppy about covering his tracks...
Thank God that was not the case, she was alive and well a little further down the path.
You should have seen her face when I said her name!
It was like she expected hidden camera's or something... too funny.

more randomness from our walk to the lighthouse...
a cool little tree.
It was fun trying to climb over there in a dress... let me tell you.
Very worth it for these cute pictures... and no we didn't plan to match, we are just awesome like that.

And the actual lighthouse
notice Todd has no shoes :)

Fun times, old friends and new, and now I'm off to the playground because Tommy is hanging on my saying "mama we go, mama we go?" .....
Its good to be home...
I think :)