Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spanx and Nyquil... its not as interesting as it sounds.

Its one in the morning, the babies are sleeping and I should be too.

Instead I am reading blogs, checking facebook, and eating an Ice cream bar...
and a nutter butter,
and a diet pepsi,
(don't judge me)

I'm going with my sister in law to a wedding three hours away tomorrow,
I don't know either of the people getting married nor will I know any other guest in attendance other than my sister in law... who has seen me in labor and delivery...
there must be something really wrong with me because I am still planning on wearing spanx.

I care way too much what strangers think of me.

But obviously not enough not to write about my underwear here.
The irony.
I'm having a bit of an aching heart feeling. This will be the first time I have ever left my husband and all my kids overnight.... ever...
It is the first time in five years that I will be neither a wife nor a mother for over twenty-four hours.
(why do I keep saying "nor"?)

I left Tom for a weekend once but Isabella came with me...
I didn't mean that how it sounded...
I didn't leave him leave him. We went to my cousins for the weekend.
I missed him deeply and constantly and I had every intention of returning from the beginning... I swear.

And I've been away with Tom quite a few times since Bella was born, at least once a year.

But being the dutiful wife and mother I am... I have never left them all.

I will miss them, but I am interested to see who it is I am now...
you know when I'm on my own...

This is me before I was a mommy at midnight or any other time.

I'm afraid I'll get a little giddy being away from the kids (and almost anyone I know)
and do something ridiculous.
Let's just all take a moment to be thankful that I don't drink anymore.


Well....that is if you don't count the Nyquil I took right before I wrote this.
Okay... I think that's enough damage for one night!
I'm going to go dream Thelma and Louise type dreams...
minus the bar scenes,
the felony's,
Brad Pitt
(happily married, sorry Brad!),
and the suicide... but I will take the convertible!