Sunday, April 11, 2010

Excuse me.... uh.... your Ego is showing...

My husband and one of his younger brothers are sprawled out on my bed playing video games. 
Our TV is in the master bedroom, we just have a small one in the living room for the kids.
We never get to watch unless they are sleeping so we though it would get more use in our room.
Plus I have a thing about watching movies in bed...  I love it.
It feels so much more cozy that way... 
a million pillows, 
a big comforter, 
plenty of room for everyone to sit or lay anyway they want.
Best of all I can fall asleep and not have to get back up!

Anyway.... it's after midnight and I want to go to bed, but I don't want to be a killjoy.

Who does?

So... here I am trying to entertain myself.
I have watched the last thirty minutes of a movie I started the other night...
Eaten a bag and a half of popcorn....
taken a bubble bath...
read a chapter of a new book...
found some new blogs I like.
checked facebook... nothing is new because my friends who are parents are (wisely) sleeping, 
and my friends who are not just went out for the night :)

I'm out of ideas so now I will bore you by re-posting and filling out this quiz about myself.

I love it when its all about me... 
 don't lie you love it too...

If you take the time to read it you need to re-post it too!!! 

Unless you have better things to do...
like laundry, 
or sleep, 
or write nice blog posts about your children 
or husband 
or something worthwhile.

Otherwise enjoy!

Hi, my name is: Laura Lee 

*My eyes are: Blue... and shutting involuntarily.

*I want to have kids: who are fun, compassionate, thoughtful, and have a strong faith in God.

*I wish I was: sleeping... obviously...

*Currently I am: making a recipe scrapbook, wanting to have more pound cake, wondering what I will wear to church....

*I love: my life.

*Never in my life have I been: so content, busy, or as comfortable in my skin as I am now

*My favorite animal is: Jack :)

*My Favorite Color is: impossible to nail down, I like green a lot.

*My Pet Peeve(s): the total lack of common sense and good manners seen in the majority of Americans.... which is sort of like saying I have to many to list here. 
More pointedly, I hate when people let there kids run wild in public places, we are all tired, we have all been there... but seriously??

*Right now, I am listening too: silence and the occasional outburst of laughter from upstairs.
Well... now that you made me think of it I have turned some music on... that's better

*When I'm nervous I: talk a lot and try to take control of the situation.

*The last song I listened to was: Is currently "You belong to me" Jason Wade.

*If you were to get married today your maid of honor/best man would be:Julie... just like every other day :) friends come and go but she is stuck with me! (It is this sisterhood thing that will keep me going having babies till Isabella gets her sister!)

*My hair is: in its usual messy ponytail

*When I was 17: I had the best birthday week ever, I think I went to a party or concert every night for 5 or 6 days.... even to a bar with my best friends parents where the band sang "she's only 17" just for me!
Good times, good memories...

*Last Christmas: was not like any Christmas before, it was all about the kids. 

*I should be: on a beach somewhere with my toes in the sand, sipping somthing frozen and sweet....
or in bed.... obviously...

*When I look down: I see sweatpants, half of the word Aeropostale, my wedding ring, my keyboard...

*The happiest recent event was: watching Cinderella in my bed with Bella and Tommy, 
watching her eyes light up....It is her favorite movie, and we don't own it. 
We own a million but I don't want to buy that one because I'm afraid if we watch it to much it will lose its magic. Also i never let her watch it alone...its the only movie I always watch with her.

*My current annoyance is: a pesky stomach bug the kids all have.

*There's this girl I know: who deserves all the happiness and good things the Lord has to offer.

*The thing I want to buy: anything to use in our house renovations, Lord give me strength... Its about to begin!

*Most recent thing I've bought myself: a slip, my sister gave me an awesome white skirt but it is very see through! I don't think I've owned a slip since I was eight.

*Most recent thing someone else bought me was: a trunk to keep on the deck and put the outdoor cushions in

*If I was an animal I'd be: unable to type... unless I was a monkey... so I guess I pick monkey?

*Last night I was: at our church's young adults coffeehouse!

*Tomorrow I am: going to church and helping Tom get some stuff down around the house... that means I will sit on a chair and tell him what he's doing wrong, while keeping tabs on the kids.

*Tonight: is good.

*My favorite piece of jewelery is: My engagement and wedding rings.. sorry I am a predictable hopeless romantic.

*My favorite shoes: are my ridiculous high heels I got for Christmas that kill my feet but are soooo hot. 
On the norm... any flip flops are awesome

*I am looking forward to: summer, sundresses, lightening bugs, swimming, Daniel walking... 

*The one that knows the most about me is: Tom...

*If I could tell my friends one thing it would be: you are all so lucky to know me :)

ok.... now I'm gonna go be a killjoy... Good nite all!