Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fat Friday....on Thursday??

Once again I have failed to make it to my meeting.
Once again I have an excuse.

All three of my kids have a stomach bug.

 I won't go into details... it would be very icky...

If you are feeling a deep sense of pity for me right now, that is normal and appropriate.
I'm going to start a charity project for you to donate to if you feel so inclined.
I'm calling it "Send mama to the Bahama's!"

There will be cute posters with my children's desperate, pleading adorable faces.
 In the back round of the shot you will see me looking disheveled, wearing stained gym clothes, and lying face down on the couch. 
I'm OK... just resting...

Won't you please think of the children?

I will be such a better mother once I've read a few books, gotten some sun, and spent a few days in the spa.

Not sold?
Ah well... it was worth a try.