Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggs and Mr. Clean to the Rescue.

Easter Eggs    
Eggs are often identified with Easter. 
Long a symbol of fertility and immortality, the egg reminds Christians of the rock tomb from which Christ arose.   In medieval times, eggs were traditionally given to all servants at Easter.
It is said that King Edward I of England distributed 450 boiled Easter eggs, dyed or covered with gold leaf, to members of the royal household.     
Today, in most countries the eggs are stained with plain vegetable-dye colors. 
The Syrian and Greek faithful present each other with crimson eggs in honor of the blood of Christ.….

Who knows if this is the real origin of Easter eggs? But I thought it was beautifully symbolic... and I'm a sucker for tradition, no matter how messy.

It was not as bad as I had feared... please ignore my toes... at least they are polished :)

Nana came over with Aunt GG and brought our supplies... this is the only proof I have that she was even there.... she is not as angry as she looks :)

Here is what GG and Daniel did the whole time... to say they love each other would be an understatement!

This is reality, this is how we look most mornings... and a lot of afternoons too. There is a certain joy that can only be found by staying in your pj's all day... we are very joyful around here.

They both used spoons to take their eggs in and out of the dye... I can't believe it but we didn't loose an egg or spill a cup, we had a few close calls but no catastrophic messes. 
The were both very careful. I was very proud... 
until I heard my mom go in the living room when we were done and gasp...

Tommy drew on the couch with the clear crayon...
this is his second offense. 

If you didn't know clear crayon shows up bright white on upholstery.... just my luck.

The first offense was and electric teal color and it almost made me lose my mind trying to figure out how to get it out. In the end we used a magic eraser... I truly believe it is magic... I haven't met a problem yet that couldn't be solved with a magic eraser, and some good old fashion determination.
I made him help me clean it up this time as a punishment... he loved helping me so I may have just made it more enticing to draw on the couch again! Figures......

But mostly they are very neat and clean kids.
I think the reason they try so hard to be neat is because I have made them crazy.... 
they both hated the fact that we couldn't get the dye off of our hands.
I was trying to get a picture of them together, when Daniel dragged himself in and distracted everyone.

...I love that they love each other.

This is our sad attempt at a group shot... 
Daniel wants the egg bad,
Tommy is about to become an unsuspecting victim, 
and I don't even know what to say about Isabella....
seriously.... what are you doing!?!?