Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things to Smile About....

My windows are open and my curtains are blowing on a warm breeze.

I can see daffodils from my window.

Poppy seed Cake!

Tom is on his way home and he is all mine until Monday... well mostly :)

New Shoes!

Isabella asked me to paint her toes pink... when I said yes immediately and got up to get the nail polish her smile was priceless.

*note to self... say yes more often*
She wants me to paint my toes to match... I'm relishing this short time where she want to do everything with me.

The way Tommy talks right now.... 
"Yook ma! Anoder Boodie!" (look mom another birdie)...  
"Sock-Ah Ball"... 
"Yessaa Mammaa" (Yes ma'am, he says his with a Jamaican sort of accent...sounds more like Yeah man :)

Daniels army crawl.... he drags himself like his leg is injured... and somehow he is still so fast!

Daniels smile, he only has his two bottom teeth, kind of like and inverted Easter Bunny.

The sound of Daniel growling at his Daddy.

Tommy and Bella screaming and giggling while Tom chases them.

How grown up and serious Bella looks on her new bike.

How excited they all are to go to the Zoo tomorrow.