Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prince Charming to the Rescue!

I thought it might be nice to try to make Isabella her birthday cake this year.
I was inspired in part by the Vitafamiliae Blog, and partly I just plain felt like I could actually do it...
Save money,
make memories,
look good in front of the relatives!

I could barely boil water when I got married, so this is a big step for me ok?

And so it began as a cake...then a princess cake... then maybe the kind of cake you see that looks like the skirt on a barbie (you know like a ball gown?).

She said she wanted "Cinderella" so we started looking at pictures and that was the fateful moment when she saw a castle cake... a big fancy one... and she said in awe, "I want a castle cake mama!" 

And I said... "Ok"..... cool as could be..... no problem.... your mom can do anything baby, don't even sweat it.

What I was really thinking is ....'Daddy can do anything and he will save my butt'
he cooks
he bakes
he builds
he fixes... well... everything!

Have I said lately that I am the luckiest woman alive and I truly love this man that God gave to me?  
Cause I am and I do!!!

These are the pans we used, I made the cake from the Pioneer Woman's Recipe.
I love her... shes not hard to love... just try one of her recipes!

Once I had made the cake and the frosting (thank you Leesha it was awesome!)
Tom pointed out that it might not survive the drive to my moms house in the morning once it was assembled,
so we loaded up the kids and headed to my moms to finish the cake.

I would like to say now that  
I made the cake..
I made the icing.... 
and I figured out the general assembly process  
with some help from Tom and my awesome facebook friends..

Then I wisely let my baby take over...

Here you go...
Rice Krispies to hold the cupcake towers together and anchor them

Lollipop sticks to help

The cone roofs with icing and sugar crystal on top


The doors and windows are Wafer cookies he cut with scissors to look like windows and doors.
One very happy birthday princess!

One very awesome Daddy and some very blessed kids!

Did I mention I never even really asked him to help?
He apologized for "kinda taking over my project" once we were in the car heading home...
little did he know That I knew it was his project all along :)