Friday, March 26, 2010

Fat Friday... barely

So I didn't weigh-in yesterday... I know ... I know...

I will now provide you with the following list of excuses so I can feel justified in my choice...

Reasons I did not go to my WW meeting: 
  1. Tom had some awful stomach bug on Wednesday so I spent all day trying to take care of him, while keeping the kids quiet so he could sleep.
  2. Because of aforementioned sudden illness I was woken up at five am.... and then again at six am for a bed wetting incident.... and then again at seven am for a bottle.... so in total on Wednesday night I got maybe four hours of sleep.
  3. On Wednesday morning I had to take the kids on an unplanned four hour morning outing... Daddy was sick and sleepy and needed quiet... so rather than kill myself trying to accomplish the impossible task of keeping three young kids quiet I headed for Pappy's house.
  4. My Dad could only handle us for so long and with another hour to kill before nap timeI had to take the three of them to the playground by myself.... exhausting is the only word that comes to mind.
  5. My Mom (who was sadly working on Wednesday) had appointments all morning on Thursday...during my meeting. Therefore I would have had to take the kids with me just to weigh-in. We would not even begin to try to stay because even if I could keep all three of them quiet I wouldn't hear a thing anyone else was saying.
 So I choose sleep and yoga pants over dragging three kids out in the rain again.....

Thank you if you actually read all that and felt any measure of sympathy for me... Oh well, such is the life of a Mommy. On to Plan B!!!

Instead of my meeting I decided to embark on an exercise in re commitment. I went all around my kitchen and marked the points value on every package of food I could that I might ever be interested in eating.
And then I read a bunch of success stories on the WW site.... and then I caught up on the Biggest Loser.

And so far so good... I am motivated!!! Now i am off to count my points!!!