Friday, March 12, 2010

Fat Friday, Goodbye Winter Blah's.... Hello Spring.

Erma Bombeck, the original mommy blogger... before there was such a thing! I love her writing.

She once said " I've been on a diet for 13 years. I have lost 736 pounds, by all accounts I should be hanging from a charm bracelet."

My Stats:
Starting weight: 229.4
Gained this week: +0.4
Lost so far: -36.2

So the above quote is the first thing the that popped into my head after I weighed in and saw that I gained... that and "God you are merciful... I will never eat that many brownies again.... well not for a long time anyway!"

It could have been worse... we had a bake sale last weekend for our church and my husband is a genius when it comes to baking. He is good at everything he tries, but I think baking is in his top five skills. If he wanted to quit his job and open a bakery I would be all for it.... I just wouldn't be able to go there because it would never turn a profit... I would eat it all.

Anyway I did the math and if every gain had been a loss I would be down another 10.8 pounds by now!

I would almost be at my 50 pound milestone.

That is depressing and motivating. I know not ever week can be a loss but since the holiday's I have fallen off the wagon hard. I was lax over the holiday for obvious reasons and then being snowed in for the last two months didn't help either. Since November 5th I have only lost 10 pounds.

I am comforted to realize that without my efforts (however minimal) I probably would have gained 10 pounds over the holiday's like most Americans. So here we go again, it is a new week! And by this time next week it will be only 24 short hours till spring :)

I can do this.... I can do this.... I can do this.....