Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jack be Nimble, Jack be Sick

You know the old excuse, my dog ate my homework!?

.... I have a story..... 

I wanted to help out my sister in law, Kristin,  last weekend, she is always doing, helping, getting, buying, organizing, and blessing everyone in her circle of family and friends.  And beyond that I'm sure.... my point is, this girl deserves a break!  (she also deserves her own post... coming soon!)

So I offered to make some salads for a bridal shower she was throwing for a mutual friend. Ham, egg, chicken and my least-favorite-food-in-the-whole-world-ever-and-beyond.....


My hatred for tuna stems from my very first experience with it. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have always been a picky eater, so the first time I tried tuna was when I was pregnant with Isabella. Tuna noodle casserole to be exact, I enjoyed it at the time but later that night it sent me into the only bought of "morning sickness" I had that whole pregnancy. Ever since then, even the smell gives me a headache.

Tom tried to make tuna for himself during my next pregnancy with Tommy and world war three broke out in our kitchen, mostly due to my hormones I took temporary leave of my senses and decided that since he knew what kind of pain the smell of tuna caused me... he must not love me....

I see now how I over reacted a bit.

But it was a tad insensitive...

just sayin...

So I made the tuna salad... gagging the whole time.
When it was done I quickly removed all traces of the disgusting substance from my kitchen, sprayed everything with strong smelling cleaner, loaded the dishwasher, and took out the garbage.
And still I would swear to you I could smell it. Since there was no room in my refridgerator my husband was going to take them over to the church for me that night. So I set them on the bench in our mudroom near the door.... this is also very close to Jack's cage.... meet Jack....

Our nine month old Boxer mix. I know, I know... I have three kids, why do I have a puppy??? That is a long story, kind of a sad one too. But to make it short, he is cute and you can't reason when you are in love.
Here he is when we brought him home...
SEE ? You would have fallen for him too. No one can resist a puppy... even tired desperate Mommies of preschoolers!

But I digress.... I thought Jack might try to eat it so I put him in his cage...
I swear to you that I locked the cage when I put him in it..... I think...
99% sure anyway.
It is possible and probable that I locked it and most likely Tommy came along behind and UNlocked it.

So right before Tom was to leave we all went upstairs for our "Before-bedtime-(Daddy-is leaving-and-mommy-is-desperate)-movie"
Tom helped us get settled and then headed downstairs to leave. He was going to church for a ministry we help with, and was supposed to be speaking that night.

First was the crash,
then the bellowing,
then the loud yelling,
then the cage door slamming....
running water? uh-oh

I went to the kitchen to find him leaning over the sink in pain, blood running with the water.

Apparently Jack likes tuna.
He knocked over the huge ceramic mixing bowl and ate nearly ALL the tuna salad.
Tom swung at him (yes we smack our dog when he needs it.... at least we don't bite him like his own mother would!)  and instead of Jack he made contact with the broken edge of the bowl, resulting in a very deep cut on the inside of his knuckle.

The end result, Tom was late for church, the kids were late to bed, the shower went on without my tuna salad, and Jack is being watched like a hawk for signs of  sickness... and my house STILL smells like the awful stuff.

The moral of the story is.... Don't make tuna salad?
...Don't do try to do good deeds?
...Don't get a puppy when you also have a mischievous two year old boy?
...Don't swing when you are blinded by rage?

Either way... I don't want to forget this story because "they say" that someday I will look back and laugh.
How long will that take exactly?