Friday, March 5, 2010

Faith like a Child

The other night Tom was playing with the kids... he is the fun parent in this equation.

Handstands, wrestling matches, hide and seek.... he does it all.
I just do everything else.... anyway....    
They were running in circles around the kitchen when (for some reason) Isabella wants him to jump over her.
So he did, kind of  ' leap frog ' style....
She of course is tickled and says "Do it again!"

He says "I can't! I'm too old, my knees hurt!"

I say "You are getting really old, nearing thirty."  

He muttered something about a divorce...
... just kidding....
Then Isabella says "Don't worry Daddy, when you get old you get to go to heaven!"

Faith like a child....the students have become the teachers, or rather they have always been the teachers!
I've learned more from these kids in the last four years than I ever did in the previous twenty-two.

A few days later Isabella came to me crying about her knees hurting (she calls them her elbows... we are working on it).  I am assuming it was growing pains and I was about to ask if she wanted tylenol when she said "Will you pray for me?".
Wow.... that wouldn't have occurred to me on my own...

So that is child like faith? Going to our heavenly Father first, before we try all the other possible solutions.
How many times could I have saved myself grief, irritation, heartache, worry....if I had just gone to Him first?
In prayer, in His word, in just sitting still for few worship songs in the middle of a bad day.

They are watching us, 
mimicking us,
trying to learn from us everyday.
Little do they know we are learning just as much from them.

Fat Friday....or still fat and once again its Friday...

GAINED..... I hate that word...

In my little Weight Watchers book it says +0.6.....  I hate plus signs too.

Let's get this over with....
My Stats:

Started: 265.6
GAINED this week:  +0.6  :(
Weight Now: 229
Lost so far: 36.6

To be perfectly honest I did not count my points the second half of my WW week and I knew it was probably going to be a gain, I was actually a little relieved it wasn't worse!

So why when we know what we want...and know what we have to do to get what we want, do we often do the opposite?

For me what I want at the time seems more important than what I want in the long run. That is the simple answer. And sometimes the scale seems to move sooooo slowly... even when I am giving it 100%. I think I need to focus more on the Non-Scale Victories.

Like getting back into my wedding dress or wearing the jeans I wore in college again.

So I think that means the a list of goals and rewards (both small and big) is that much more important this week.

Last Sunday at church, someone offered to take me out to the salon, and to buy a new outfit, when I get to 50 pounds lost! My Aunt Jeanne was right, God will provide!

In the meantime, when I get to 40 pounds lost I am going to buy my self a new outfit for spring, I would probably be doing it anyway but won't let myself do it until I see -40 on the scale!
I still don't know what to do when I get to my ultimate goal, which is 190. At that point I will have lost 75 I can't imagine how I let it get that far.... that I would NEED to lose that much weight.

So any ideas on an ultimate reward or celebration? I feel a new poll coming on.

And with two hours left to vote, the results are...... *drumroll please*

A two way tie!
Buy lots of new clothes -3
Get Pregnant- 3

hmm... you all do realize that these two things don't really go well together, right?  I mean, if I were to get pregnant I would certainly buy some new maternity clothes.. but the fact that they are 90% elastic just makes me want to eat some cookies. mmmm.... cookies.....