Monday, March 1, 2010


I love Kidism's ..... these incredibly funny, weird, nonsense things my kids say daily.

For example...
Isabella is running through the house the other day yelling at her brother. "Get back here you scwitchy!!"

Scwitchy.....??? This could be spelled incorrectly, I could not find it in the dictionary and my spell check is currently suggesting , Twitchy, Switch, Scratchy, or Switchgear. 

Being the concerned, attentive parent that I am.... ahem..... I stopped her and asked nicely 
"what did you call Tommy?". 
I have to ask in a sweet, non-threatening voice or she thinks she is in trouble and suddenly she is stricken with amnesia.
"Um..... a Scwitchy??" she shrugs.
"Oh... and what does that mean?" I ask.

"Its kind of like an Electric Squirrel." she says (Very matter-of-fact) as she runs away.

*crickets chirping*

Needless to say "Kidism's" will now have there very own category.

Thank you Isabella...

Kidism's.... just one of the many perks of preschoolers!