Friday, February 26, 2010

Fat Friday or "Adventures in Houlihan Land"

Yesterday was "weigh-in day". It was also my meeting leaders last day. She has been my leader since I started in July and next week we will have someone new.... weird, sad... but maybe change will be good. Either way I have now "friended" my old leader on Facebook, so I will probably actually talk to her more often.
I am disturbed by the fact that Facebook IS the majority of my social life but that is a whole nother blog post....

Anyway down to the nitty gritty, My Stats:
Started: 265.6
Lost this week: 1.6
Weight Now: 228.4
Lost so far: 37.2

So I have broken through my "yo-yo" cycle and am at my lowest weight again! This is good for me because now when I lose I FEEL like I'm losing! Not like I'm just working to get back to where I was a few weeks ago.

Now about eating out and dieting.... where to begin?
First I have to say that I think that Weight Watchers makes it easier to eat out than any other diet I know of.
If you don't know about it, they give you a number according to your height, age, weight, gender, activity level (before exercise), mine is 33, it started out at 37 but I have lost weight so it has gone down.

This is your points target, all foods have a points value, and basically when you eat it is like balancing a check book, you are trying to break even everyday. And if you do you should lose weight.
Also every week you get 35 "bonus points" you can take 'em or leave 'em, eat them all at one meal or have five every day, its up to you.
If you want to try to lose more that week then you try not to use them. If you have a party to go to you save them and use them that day. Get it? Not hard right?

When I cook at home I can make small substitutes in recipes that make a big difference in there points value.
Like margarine for butter, or reduce fat cheese instead of whole.

Not so at restaurants.... sure I can get low fat dressing on a salad, or not eat the rolls. But over all I am constantly shocked at how many points things are. Last night we went to Houlihan's and the appetizer we got was 56 points!!!!!  Granted it is meant to be shared but two people could easily eat it. My teeny tiny piece of Cappuccino Cake was 14 points! Worth every bite..... but still..... Even my salmon and asparagus entree was 13 points, probably because of butter and whatever they used to season the asparagus with.

My basic point in all of this is that what you eat at a restaurant is not the same as what you would be eating at home even if you make the exact same thing! That is the major problem with our country and weight in general I think.
Last week we were told at our meeting that the average American eats out 8 times a week! I can barely make good choices going out once or twice a week, and I am REALLY TRYING. No wonder so many people are overweight now. We have forgotten how to cook for ourselves and we are letting people feed us everyday without ever stopping to ask what exactly we are eating!

Well this is totally not what I set out to say! Next week I want to make a list of goals and reward (at my Aunts suggestion!) to keep me motivated. My next big goal is reaching the 40 pounds lost mark so that will be my first little reward, any suggestions?

Oh and there is an unfortunate picture of me from last night, but I can't get it to upload. Anyway its not a good sweater to show off my weight loss but I was trying to herd three whiny kids out the door and I didn't have time to be picky. Hopefully I can get a better one next week.