Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Weekend

We had a really busy weekend, and a busy week... and another crazy weekend.....
That is why on Sunday night I'm writing (or rather editing) a post I wrote on Wednesday
about LAST weekend....
Got all that?

So to save my brain a bit of effort I'm going to show more pictures and type less.
Here we go...

We had a birthday.... this is my attempt at a number three pancake...
 It was before eight am and I was getting three kids ready for church.... gimme a break.
Also ignore the weird face he is making.... who knows?
After church we took a quick nap... and by we I mean they... then we headed to Nana's for his Big Birthday Bash.
Decorations by Aunt Julie.
Thank God for Nana's house, but I can't wait till ours is big enough to host these things.
And what else could we do besides a Buzz theme? The boy has an unhealthy obsession... but its cute.
Here is Daddy praying for Tommy's year ahead.
I always love this part.
And here is Daddy yelling at Mommy for letting them put red icing on the cake....
 "It will stain everything! Quit laughing and get me a napkin!!!"
I'm of the school of thought that it is one day... let them go nuts, who cares?
Apparently their father does.
Father knows best?
And the grand finale? He is now a card carrying member of the NRA.
Are you eyes watering yet... there is more...
We also got our Christmas tree on Saturday morning, we looked at the calendar and realized it was our last chance for awhile so we took it.
 I know I'm their mother... but this is adorable
.Many layers later we made it to the tree farm.
He looks scared of me doesn't he?

And it seemed we were always going uphill though I know its not possible...
I said to Tom at the outset "We have three small kids, I'm 29 weeks pregnant, lets not go far."
I even said "Not over there at least..." and pointed way across a valley near a pond.

To no avail... the trees in that direction were the best and he knew it.
...she is not outdoorsy either...
 everyone got a turn "helping" Dad with the saw.
Pictures with the tree...
 and timber!!!
 Then me back to the nice warm car... here is me and number 4 getting toasty again.
And last but not least.... first Christmas outfits of the season!
.... whew... maybe I'll get to write about this weekend sometime before Christmas....
I can dream!
 To all a good night!

P.S. If you like the new header and pictures I'll be writing all about that very soon!
My awesome sister in law did them for us... It really deserves its own post!

Ok... for real... good night :)

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Anonymous said...

well, i have to say i Love ALL the pictures! so many expressions and activity! :) and yes, i absolutely love your new header too!

it was a fun filled day with delicious food...Nana worked very hard although she'd NEVER admit it! others brought food too, but she always goes above and beyond in the food department...God forbid anyone walked away instead of waddling! lol

i love all the festive stories about the Christmas tree, but the red icing remarks and the NRA cards cracked me up!

a GREAT day was had by all and i'm sure Christmas will be even more rewarding in the picture and blog stories!! Love you all, BIG MUCH!...AJ