Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Yesterday....

I cried myself to sleep last night because it was Tommy's last night in his crib.
These milestones are getting harder with each child.

Since he is going to be three this weekend we thought now would be a good time to take the binky.
 I don't care what you think of him still having a bink in bed at nearly three.... 
he's mine and I'll do what I want.
 Well he is mostly mine....but as you can see here I have to share him quite a bit.

Anyway we also need the crib soon for the new addition coming in about eleven weeks, give or take.

(Right now I'm thinking: OH MY GOSH SERIOUSLY!?!?... But I'll spare you that tangent...)

I didn't want him to equate the new baby with losing his bed so we decided now was the time for both.
The big boy bed would be the reward for giving up the binky.

So tonight we tucked him in with a new pillow, on Daddy's old bed, 
with the sheets and blanket he used in college back when we first met.

 It was a bit surreal.

 He was happy for the most part, he asked for his binky once, to help him be happy he said.
God help me it was all I could do not to give in.... and he didn't even cry. I'm just a sucker.
But I know a clean break will be easier in the end.

 I tell myself over and over again not to blink...
not to miss these days...
to hold on... enjoy... 
write it all down on my heart and in this space....

But I just can't seem to hold on tight enough to slow it down... they just keep growing.
And I keep thinking,  
Wasn't it just yesterday....?

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Anonymous said...

yes was just were 18 months old and reciting "the Pledge of Allegiance" flawlessly with a small lisp....and not far behind you a few years was JuJu dressed like a beautiful ballerina in pink, dancing around the living room floor! ah yes...just yesterday....hold on to these memories....they'll make you laugh and cry in a few short years!
xoxo AJ