Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daniel's First Haircut

In the midst of this very busy weekend I have to stop for a second and write about a little milestone.
This one always makes me cry....
but its especially bad when its Christmas and I'm a pregnant hormonal mess anyway.

The kids have their Christmas pageant at church tonight, 
and Daniel finally decided to sprout some hair in the last few weeks.
I'm not kidding... the kid had no hair at all for the longest time.... here he is in August.
Lately however its been looking a little mullet-ish.... so my baby got his first haircut last night.
What is it about boys? 
They are a baby one minute and then they get hair cut and they look suddenly so much older.
I don't remember that happening with Bella. 
Anyway, I cried a whole lot more than whats considered normal....
I suppose I should get it out of my system now, because in about eight weeks our baby Daniel will suddenly be a big brother, and I'm sure that's gonna make him look a whole lot bigger too.
I keep thinking this quote is quite appropriate for my wild child's latest milestone.

It kills you to see them grow up. 
But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't.
  ~Barbara Kingsolver

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Anonymous said... feels like someone just kicked me in the gut too!...:( ... my "baby" boy isn't going to be a baby in eight more weeks!... *sigh*... have i mentioned lately how much i hate change?... everyone's getting older, which means i must be too...and "my" Daniel will soon be off to NOT needing a horsey ride anymore with the William Tell Overture as background music.....or even worse, my Horsey (knee) won't be able to ride him much longer!!... oh, this is way too depressing,.. i have to go get ready to watch him be a "cow" in tonight's Children's play at church! which means i have to re-do my makeup now!!!... i'll hold these last few weeks very close to my heart forever! WAAA WAAA WAAA... xoxo AJ...aka...GiGi