Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hallways to Highways

It is getting cold...
long gone are the days of throwing on flip flops and walking out the door.
Now we wrestle with hoodies, sweaters, socks, boots, hats, and coats.... and the squirming baby who doesn't want any part of it.
He has so gotten that temper from me... 
this is what my mother was envisioning when I put my sister in the dryer and she said 
"I hope you have one just like you."
I am humbled by this one... he showed me that I'm not as smart as I thought.
If I had stopped at two I could have written a book about parenting...

Oh well... now I can write a comedy.
At least I know he will never be one to shy away from a challenge.
At least I can rest assured that this one can take care of himself.
With lots of guidance from God..... and his share of trouble too.
These two are not so tough... or opinionated.
But the three of them together? They balance each other nicely.

Bella brings the calm and the creativity.
Tommy adds the humor and a helping hands.
And Daniel pushes them all to go a little farther that any of them would go alone.
When I see the three of them together I realize that more than anything else I can give them in life,
the best thing I've given them is each other.
The best thing God has given them is a family full of friends.
I pray more than anything else that they will keep these friendships strong... 
one day all to soon it will be a highway instead of a hallway that separates them.
But let me not get ahead of myself...
I can't even wrap my head around what it will be like to see four all together soon.
 But I know that once that little girl or boy arrives my memories of the days before will become hazy and I'll wonder why we didn't see the big gaping hole in our life that this child will mysteriously fill.
 Its been like that each time we have added to our family.... 
we are suddenly unable to explain how life before this child seemed so full.
And this baby will change the balance again, in a beautiful and unique way...
maybe she will be a spitfire, or maybe he will be a bookworm...
I can't wait to see who God is preparing for us..... 
and maybe while I'm trying to wait I'll clean that mirror...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol....it is definitely hysterical the way Daniel changed the minute he started walking....at least that's when i first noticed his independence and lack of fear and not wanting to be held...climbing, ramming, SCREAMING just for the thrill of it is his new adventure...i think SCREAMING is his battle call....he screams, he runs and he rams...Heaven help whoever's in his way, be it siblings, dogs, cats, furniture or old feeble adults!

He is the quick tempered one for sure, but he's his own little man, and God help those who stand in his way!! "DARE to be a Daniel" had a whole other meaning before our precious little guy arrived on the scene....and now it's Dare to mess with Daniel....lol

shame on everyone if he's the jealous type and is not happy about this new little one coming in February...you think life is interesting now??? lol

I love the picture of him "glaring" at you or whoever...he just has that look of "leave me alone now!!!" and put that darn camera away!!!

your Mom is probably either laughing hysterically about this "little you" or on her knee's praying for your sanity!!

as for the book on parenting...heaven knows there's plenty of them out there...i'm enjoying all this comedy stuff, and looking forward to much much more.....in the meantime....go clean that mirror!! xoxo AJ