Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Picture Perfect Holiday

I had pictured a picture perfect Thanksgiving.
Lots of lounging around, lots of baking, lots of food and family and fun.
And of course some really cute clothes on the kids and a camera in hand to capture it all.

In the end I  did lots of lounging.... Mostly on the bathroom floor....
I did no baking, Tom filled my obligation for apple dumplings.
I ate next to nothing....
And when I finally crawled out of the house to visit in the afternoon I was wearing sweatpants...
and God only knows what the kids had on because I didn't even care where my camera was.

Forget Tommy's adorable tweed three piece suit.
Never mind about Daniel's sweet little cable knit sweater.
I'm sure we can find another occasion for Bella's gold and cream party dress with the matching cardigan.

Bella got this nasty stomach bug on Monday.
By Wednesday night my sainted husband was baking sixty-four apple dumplings while waiting on me and changing Daniel and his sheets four times.... and he even did laundry...
 I don't think he went to bed until after two in the morning
I am blessed beyond measure by that man....
Friday Tom was back to work...
Saturday too.... then Saturday night and Sunday it was my turn to play nurse to him and Tommy.
I'm still not sure Tommy was actually sick but he was up every hours crying until I took him to sleep in my bed well after midnight.... so I'm gonna count it cause he seemed miserable.

I am sad....

I am disillusioned by it all.... I feel like I slipped into a coma and missed the holiday entirely.
I am still craving a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings.
I want to watch the parade with the kids...
I want to make the apple dumplings, and have one fresh.... not three days old.
I want to make hand print turkeys...
I want a do over!!!

And now I have to wait a whole year, and I am sad.

I will recover though, only thanks to Christmas.
I just need the right amount of cheer to get me in the mood.
This is one of those moods that you have to make a concerted effort to pull yourself out of.
So tonight I'm going to Micheal's... glorious wonder of Christmas crafting.  
  then I'm going to watch a Christmas movie
 Tomorrow night we have practice for the Christmas pageant at church....
and I'm in charge of the crafts.
And through it all I will be listening to the 24/7 Christmas music station.

If you could all do me a big favor and pray for the one thing that I can't orchestrate...
the one thing that would make me perk up all by itself.... snow.
It is supposed to be on its way soon.... and I'm hoping it hurries.
Nothing says Christmas like that beautiful white stuff. 
“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord. 
“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.
Isaiah 1:18

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Puke on my Shirt, Joy in my Heart

Last night we trekked to the mall to meet Nana for dinner since we knew Daddy would be late.
He is always late when they are working on a roof, for some reason they are always fixing roofs under the threat of rain, and always and hour or more from home.... so I planned ahead for a late night.

I loved seeing their faces light up in awe as they rode around on the Christmas train.... I remember that feeling.

I loved the way Bella told Santa she wants a castle for Christmas...  
and later panicked because she forgot to tell him a dog and a Jesse doll also.

And Tommy said, "I no know....",
Aunt Julie then suggested anything Buzz Lightyear and he shook his head vigorously.

And Daniel just looked offended and confused which is pretty standard for him....
Childhood is magical.
Motherhood is another chance at childhood.
You watch them and remember how amazing and new and infinite it all felt.
Fast forward about twelve hours and I'm awakened suddenly by Bella screaming "help me" and whimpering.

I ran... waddled.... stumbled... somehow make it downstairs
to see her sitting on her bed crying in a major mess of puke....

So we had a bath and some laundry at 2 am and then I made her a bed on the floor in my room.
I didn't want to even think about getting down those stairs again that fast.
Its a science just getting out of bed at nearly 28 weeks pregnant.... ok?
We repeated this scene about every 2 hours for the rest of the night.

Childhood is messy and confusing, when your little and sick you think its forever.
Motherhood is aching to make it all better... for her sake and your own.

So in spite of the midnight madness I still had to get up and take the boys with me to an appointment this morning, I had already canceled once and couldn't again. 
So Bella headed to Nana's with Daddy and the boys and I rushed around like crazy to get out of the house by 8:15... we aren't even ever up by that time normally.

We get there and Daniel is a screaming, crying, shocking mess.
I am mortified, he is exhausted, and loud 
and probably going to be the next one to throw up on me is what I'm thinking at this point.

Tommy is tugging on my pants as I try to fill out some forms while juggling Daniel on my knees.
He is trying to rip the paper, 
grab the pen, 
hit me, 
and if I put him down he runs.

Tommy is saying "mama.... mama.... mama!!!!"
It is like psychological torture.
Like they got together and said,
"Ok... you eat to much and keep her up all night, 
then I'll be really bad at the thing we have to do tomorrow... 
then you ask her a million questions in your hard to understand two year old talk.... 
If we do this right maybe she'll leave us with Nana for the afternoon and we can skip naps and eat candy and watch all the cartoons we want!"

Notice that in my scenario Daniel is the evil mastermind.... that would just be so him....

Anyway back to Tommy and his pants tugging urgency, 
Finally I say "WHAT?!?" in that tone that says I cannot believe this is my life today...
I'm either going to laugh or cry....
or most likely start out laughing and end up crying.

 And he then he looks at me and says, "I wuv you mama."

Normally this would be sweet of course but it wouldn't get to me much... maybe calm me a little.

 But it was what happened next.

The gruff looking receptionist at the desk across from me actually teared up...
and said how sweet he was,
and how much it touched her heart to hear that,
and that you don't hear that everyday.

But I do hear it everyday... I am so blessed to hear that over and over everyday.
To hear "I wuv you."

to hear "mama... I spilled it..."

to hear "He hit me again!"

to hear "mama I need to go potty."

to hear "mama come see what I made for you."

Childhood is fleeting. 
It seems now that it will never end but someday I won't hear these things everyday.
Motherhood is trying to hold on to the joy and memories... no matter what.
When its magical, messy, or anything in between.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Ramblings

We are still here... just very very very busy lately. 
Finishing up the bathroom remodel....
I'll give you the full effect when its all done next week... I'm jealous :)
Helped Nana decorate her Christmas tree... and packed up our box for Operation Christmas Child.
It's a wonderful project for kids to learn about giving rather than getting... still not to late to do it this year!
Then we did our house... not the tree yet, we will get a live one the first week in December, 
I'll show you that soon too... here is one more of my moms... I love her house, especially that door.
I'm starting to feel the warm fuzziness of the holidays... I love it!
And it causes me to have an urge to bake... this week it was snickerdoodles!!!
I must learn to control myself, I am so weak... but they are soooo yummy...
See Jack stalking the cookie?
Daniel often gives him bites when we aren't looking.

We did find a little time to hang out at home too....
this is what happened when I asked Tommy to give Daniel a book after his nap while I finished peeling some potatoes for this awesome soup...
That's just about the whole bookshelf there... Thanks Tommy.... very helpful....
This is what I found later that day after about ten minutes of unsettling quiet... Bella put him down for a nap...
 Looks super comfy doesn't it?
If you are the praying sort... please pray for the pace of life here to let up just a little bit so that hopefully sometime soon I can organize some more eloquent thoughts for you all.... 
and so I don't lose my mind entirely....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hallways to Highways

It is getting cold...
long gone are the days of throwing on flip flops and walking out the door.
Now we wrestle with hoodies, sweaters, socks, boots, hats, and coats.... and the squirming baby who doesn't want any part of it.
He has so gotten that temper from me... 
this is what my mother was envisioning when I put my sister in the dryer and she said 
"I hope you have one just like you."
I am humbled by this one... he showed me that I'm not as smart as I thought.
If I had stopped at two I could have written a book about parenting...

Oh well... now I can write a comedy.
At least I know he will never be one to shy away from a challenge.
At least I can rest assured that this one can take care of himself.
With lots of guidance from God..... and his share of trouble too.
These two are not so tough... or opinionated.
But the three of them together? They balance each other nicely.

Bella brings the calm and the creativity.
Tommy adds the humor and a helping hands.
And Daniel pushes them all to go a little farther that any of them would go alone.
When I see the three of them together I realize that more than anything else I can give them in life,
the best thing I've given them is each other.
The best thing God has given them is a family full of friends.
I pray more than anything else that they will keep these friendships strong... 
one day all to soon it will be a highway instead of a hallway that separates them.
But let me not get ahead of myself...
I can't even wrap my head around what it will be like to see four all together soon.
 But I know that once that little girl or boy arrives my memories of the days before will become hazy and I'll wonder why we didn't see the big gaping hole in our life that this child will mysteriously fill.
 Its been like that each time we have added to our family.... 
we are suddenly unable to explain how life before this child seemed so full.
And this baby will change the balance again, in a beautiful and unique way...
maybe she will be a spitfire, or maybe he will be a bookworm...
I can't wait to see who God is preparing for us..... 
and maybe while I'm trying to wait I'll clean that mirror...

Friday, November 12, 2010

If You Give a Man a Project.....

My parents asked my husband if he could please replace their leaking shower surround....
he said we have to do it in tile...
my mom said she would really like the floor redone as well, nothing fancy, just new linoleum....
he said we have to do tile....
my mom asked how hard it would be to do a new sink and cabinet...
he said might as well.... and  a new medicine cabinet too....
my mom said ok.... we'll just use the old light fixture though....
 he said no it doesn't match anything now....
my dad said we don't need a new toilet right???....
 my mom said might as well its to low to the ground anyway....
my husband said, by the way the walls can't be repaired easily we need to replace the drywall....

My parents said I thought we were just gonna replace the shower?

This bathroom has become his magnum opus... 
thank God its almost done.... I've forgotten what he looks like.
Plus every time we go there I end up taking Tommy outside to pee off the balcony because I'm to lazy and pregnant to take him upstairs... and I think we are starting to scare the neighbors.
Please don't call child welfare, I promise to take him upstairs if it goes below freezing.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Mother's Work

I asked Tommy to put his boots on the other day so we could go home from Nana's... 
I told him they were in the middle of the cleaned up playroom.
he ignored me.... twice.

So I took away the flashlight he was looking at and made it clear, as he started to whine,
that this was a command, not a request.
Go get your boots on!

He came out of the playroom a few minutes later running with a plastic chair over his head... 
screaming and chasing his sister.

No boots on yet.

I asked where they were and he said.... "ummmmmm"

I asked again...
He says, "Dey are hidin fwom me!"

Liar liar.... we have a new milestone folks....
I'm sure this is not his first lie, but its the first major, obvious one I've caught.... little busy here ya know.

I sent him in again and he came out five minutes later with his boots finally on....
the wrong feet.
This is the true work of the mother... 
making them do for themselves that which would only take you two minutes 
when you know it will take them twenty and give you a headache.