Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Road Home is Never Long.... Unless You Have a Fifty Pound Dog on Your Lap...

We are very busy soaking up every crisp, bright, moment of fall.
Its much to short.... don't you think?
Fall that is....not Daniel, here he is in the leaves for the first time...
 Two bath times later and I am still finding little bits of leaves in their hair...
I think it was safe to say they had fun though.
It is surreal to me when I see my kids playing in the same yard I played in at their age.
The same trees providing the leaves that bring out the laughter and happiness.
It really is the simple things in life, I'm so grateful to my parents for giving us the simple things.
Most of all for always being in the same place... right where we needed them.
It seems like a silly little thing, and I realize lots of people move and never think twice about it...
but I love that "home" has always been this house with these people.
I love not only having this history in this place, but reliving it with my kids.
My mom did this at my grandma's house with us, and I can't picture it any other way.
This is the same dining room table that has always been there.
My dad once let Julie roll off of it while changing her diaper....
thankfully this has not happened to me yet but we have had a few close calls.
Besides, I'm told she not only didn't cry but actually laughed.... we should have known then.
Daniel doesn't like tea so we always tell him its byob.
ahhh..... I've got a million of 'em..... 
While we are on the subject of things to thank my parents for I should mention that they let me borrow their Cadillac for the last week while my van was in the shop.
They let me put my stinky, sticky, destructive children in their very nice luxury car...
and then they said I could bring the dog too....

These people are saints, 
or maybe they are crazy....
Ill let you speculate.
I was a tight squeeze but we made it.
I don't remember what Bella's problem was here, but its not the car... she didn't want to give it back.
Girls got taste.
Expensive taste.
She comes by it honestly.

So my mom came to pick us up the day they were loaning it to us, and we felt bad not taking Jack with us back to her house even though there was no room at all... 
you see my sister has a new puppy,
I think they are soul mates.
I really can't get a picture of them holding still....
they exhaust each other which means Jack leaves me alone in the morning.
Which is heaven.

So my mom, being the bleeding heart she is, decides Jack can sit between her legs while I drive.
But Jack loves my mom, and since she won't yell at him she held him most of the twenty minute drive.
Oh... and we just did a quick run through the bank drive thru.... so 30 minutes, tops.
I sure the lady at the window thought we were nuts.

And don't think she is mad at the dog clawing her and slobbering on her, 
No.... she is mad that I'm driving and taking pictures at the same time.
But I figure she is already paranoid with me driving, 
she acts the same today as she did the day I got my learners permit.
I am forever 16 in her mind, and I'm beginning to appreciate that more and more.

I should try to convince her that I still can't do my own laundry!
Oh if only!!!

Speaking of laundry.... don't you love the parrot shirt!
I sure glad the dog didn't ruin it climbing all over her..... hahahahaha

Ok, ok, enough, enough.... where was I?

Oh yes... Thank you Mom, and Dad for all you do for me and mine.
I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars.
No matter what you wear, or what you think of my driving.


Anonymous said...

Poodie, you NEVER fail to bring me to my knee's in Laughter or Tears!! this was both! and familiarity is so important in our lives...we (your Mom,Uncle Roger & I) grew up in the same house all our lives too, and there is something very comforting and nostalgic about it all! seeing your kids play and be in the same settings and you were in! very heartwarming! and sum it ALL up among the laughter and the tears....your Parents are "CRAZY SAINTS" HOW'S THAT? xoxo AJ

Anonymous said...

i am speechless....and that doesn t happen often.....i hope you know how much i love you all...and how much joy you alllll give us.....

Anonymous said...

I can give you a few pointers on getting her to do your laundry for you. . . ]:)

Anonymous said...

Poodie...i laugh harder each time i read this....your children are sooo funny...and soo expressive....what a joy..... you could have found a better picture :(