Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Small Step for Baby... One Giant Headache for Me...

I think I've mentioned already that Daniel started walking just before we went to camp at the end of September.
But words don't do it justice...
the cuteness really barely even translates into photos but I'll give it a shot anyway.

Please excuse the fuzziness, the boy is already very fast!
Adorable if I do say so myself, 
but he has gotten very busy learning all sorts of things now that he can get around.
To his act he has also added going up and down the stairs,  
when I forget to close the gate.
Climbing up on kitchen chairs, 
which he is not even allowed to pull out from the table in the first place.
And my favorite....unlocking the dogs cage, so he can get in it too of course.... 
hates the playpen, loves the cage...

"A baby is an angel, 
whose wings decrease, as his legs increase."

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