Friday, October 29, 2010


Blog Post #101 is going to be:
Laura 101

I'm going to be even more narcissistic than usual and give you 
101 random things and thoughts about me and my life.
This is mostly for myself so I will not be offended if you have already quit reading....

  1. I was a June baby, my sister was born in November... and I've always felt it wasn't fair to her since she loves summer so much more than me. I know she was always jealous I got to have outdoor parties.
2. I have lived in the same county all my life... I am so boring.

3. I would love to travel someday but I am terrified of flying.
I've only done it three times.
The last time was a stormy night over the Caribbean and that was my last straw.
Once we landed the pilot said "that's about as close as you get..."
Oh yes it is... cause I'm not flying EVER again....
well till the kids are grown anyway....

4. I have just realized 101 things is A Lot....

5. I plan to home school our kids and I've just started doing preschool with Bella.
It is easier and harder than I thought.

6. I hate math and can barely do any algebra... so for that we will be getting a tutor.

7. When I was in kindergarten my sister stabbed me in the chest with a pencil, I still have a mark from it.
She has a bad temper that one.

8. I have had eight dogs in 27 years.... it is really just a coincidence that this is number eight.
And does that seem like a lot to anyone else?

9. I think I've had about 15 cats in my life, but the math is a little fuzzy because I'm counting two litter also which we didn't keep.... sorry to Bob Barker or any of his followers...
no more cats for awhile. Promise.

10. I just learned how to make gravy last year...
when I was about to move out and get married I had a mini panic attack that I didn't know how to do this.
To me it meant I was incapable of running a house.
I was right about being incapable of running a house
but that was more to do with not knowing how to do laundry than not knowing how to make gravy.

11. This was a cute idea but I'm never gonna make it to 101....

12. My husband has 11 brothers and sisters.
I have 1 sister.
This creates problems in that we had a very different upbringing
and therefore have very different world veiws.
That's my nice way of saying that kids from big families are not your average cookies...
Actually it might have made him easier to live with now that I'm thinking about it.
He is pretty laid back about almost anything, guess you would have to be?

13. My Grandma lived to be 90... if I make it that long it will be 2073.
I am excited to get to see the "summer of '69"... if can still walk and know my own name.

14. I was only 20 when I got engaged... 21 when I got married.

15. I am terrified of dead bodies.
The first time I handled a whole roasting chicken I nearly had a panic attack.
I'm serious you can ask my mother I called her.

16. I am scared of the dentist. It goes beyond a general dislike.

17. I love to scrapbook but I'm afraid I've let it become a thing I have to do rather than a  hobby.

18. I want a laptop desperately but having a nice desktop makes it impossible for me to justify.
Help me... give me reasons.....

19. I have a nose like a bloodhound.
I love air fresheners and pretty smelly candles, Tom can't stand this but I think he is getting used to it.

20. I also associate smells with memory constantly.
My sister does this too. We are always walking into a place and looking at each other and saying
"this reminds me of....." and we always agree on whatever it is.

21. I don't have many "favorites", I don't do commitment well.
But I think my favorite color is green.

22. I play the piano, I'm not very good but I love it and it relaxes me.

23. When I was born my mom says I made squeaking a dog toy, thankfully I grew out of it.
Don't laugh... it was an actual condition with an actual name.

24. I love chocolate... to and unhealthy extreme.
But only milk chocolate, I hate dark chocolate... and nothing with nuts.

25. I'm horrible at keeping secrets, But I've gotten much better with age.

26. I honestly love every single season equally... for the first few weeks and then when the newness wears off I'm ready for the next thing.
I have a short attention span.

27. I really dislike winter after Christmas is over and every year I pray for a white Christmas.
Seriously pray hard.... I think the last one was more than 4 years ago... so sad.

28. I can't leave a Christmas tree up after the 27th.... Its a pet peeve of mine.
The tree is my favorite thing until the 26th and then I can't look at it for one more minute.
I think its like a post Christmas depression.... I love it so much that I can't stand for it to be over and so I must remove all traces of it to feel better.

29. I am running out of things to say....

30. Ok I dragged it out till 30 which makes me feel better about myself.

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Ok...#11 #29 & #30 were cheating

31. you have no edit button make a face when you play the piano always have to have something to look forward to
34.your a great cook and Juju named your first dog"Crystal Princess Muggzy Sarah" said the Pledge of Alligence at 18 months(on video) say your "s"s different-my fault-i like it
38.growing up you lived on hot dogs, spagettios,buttered noodles

i m done

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree that #11, #29, & 30 were cheating....

39. you're an excellent writer
40. you're an excellent Mother
41. you're an excellent neice
42. you're VERY creative
43. you're Very disciplined in housework!, not so much in chocolate :)
44. you LOVE your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength
45. you think most people over 40 have bad taste in clothes...(they don't, just not YOUR taste) :)
46. you're afraid of butterflies
47. you're a great swimmer
48. you're a little impatient with things that irritate you...just a with me! lol
49. you knew almost every nursery ryhme off by heart also at 18 months
50. you think NO ONE knows how to drive except YOU...but you get that from your MOTHER...who, ironically TAUGHT you how to drive!! geeesh

ok, someone else has to come up with the last 51.... AJ