Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chocolate and Nudity

I have gotten into this cold weather by baking way to much....
Don't even ask how much of this I ate by myself.... I have fallen hard off the weight watchers wagon, 
and I landed at Paula Deen's house.
Butter, Butter everywhere....

And people keep (unhelpfully) telling me that I'm pregnant and its ok... 
they do not know the extent of my addictions to sweets obviously
Oh well, only 16 weeks to go. 

This baby is really starting to make itself known the last few weeks.
I always love feeling these little kicks.
And now I love that everyone else can feel them too.
I think Erma Bombeck said that if she had her life to live over she would stop wishing away nine months of pregnancy and instead revel in the fact that she was sharing a miracle with God.

I'm trying to do more reveling this time around.

You know, in between laundry and temper tantrums, and making dinner, and washing dishes!

And homeschooling....
We are doing a little bit of preschool at home this year.
I'm trying to do a letter of the week.
So far we've done great, we are up to the letter D.

I'm using a combination of Ideas from Confessions of a Homeschooler, and Preschool Daze.
The first is more practical and the second is more hands on.
I need to be more "hands on"... 
I hate messiness and crafts but if I'm going to homeschool I've gotta get used to it I suppose.

To counter act all the baking and paper work we are trying to get outside as much as possible and enjoy the last few warm days of fall.
I also enjoy watching this adorable kid toddle around in the leaves...

Mostly it is these two who get me up early (its hard to get mad since they are both so cute)
I try to run them ragged as much as possible...

And when I can't take anymore I try to get them to exhaust each other.

This works for about 2 minutes if I'm lucky and then usually ends in tears. 
And Jack sulks away to his corner giving me sad eyes.

... and sometimes Daniel does too.

Ok one last random thing... 
Daniel is so obviously my kid, first I would point to his bad temper. 
However... being that I'm so much more mature than I once was 
and seeing as how you might not know that I used to be a firecracker...

I will provide some freaky photographic evidence... ignore the fact that I'm naked, 
nudity doesn't count before your two right?
Me and my mommy circa 1984
Daniel.... on Tuesday night.

I have a mini me... God help us all.


Anonymous said...

hold on Poodie...its going to be a bumpy ride....when i see that picture of you in the sink all i can think is...he is a clone of you, and how young i look :),...and i can't believe i had you in water that close to an electrical outlet..i guess there was a time early on that i wasn't
so parinoid

Anonymous said...

God help us all is right!! BUT...God has Blessed us all for sure!! and if Daniel is not your "clone" there never will be one! Great Pictures by the way again, especially of Daniel and Jack who are especially hard to capture because of their *shall we say* "quickness"?
....and, in your "ME" mentioned wanting a laptop but couldn't justify it.....i can do that for's called "convenience"...after all with Homeschooling and won't always be "convenient" for you to get to the computer room with everything else you have going on, and if you had a could be where you are! HOW'S THAT? it's the best i could do, and i think it should work! SMH lol
i really wish you could put all this in book form @ Barnes & would do the world a favor and give everyone a good laugh...or cry! LUV U BIG MUCH! xoxo AJ