Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chocolate and Nudity

I have gotten into this cold weather by baking way to much....
Don't even ask how much of this I ate by myself.... I have fallen hard off the weight watchers wagon, 
and I landed at Paula Deen's house.
Butter, Butter everywhere....

And people keep (unhelpfully) telling me that I'm pregnant and its ok... 
they do not know the extent of my addictions to sweets obviously
Oh well, only 16 weeks to go. 

This baby is really starting to make itself known the last few weeks.
I always love feeling these little kicks.
And now I love that everyone else can feel them too.
I think Erma Bombeck said that if she had her life to live over she would stop wishing away nine months of pregnancy and instead revel in the fact that she was sharing a miracle with God.

I'm trying to do more reveling this time around.

You know, in between laundry and temper tantrums, and making dinner, and washing dishes!

And homeschooling....
We are doing a little bit of preschool at home this year.
I'm trying to do a letter of the week.
So far we've done great, we are up to the letter D.

I'm using a combination of Ideas from Confessions of a Homeschooler, and Preschool Daze.
The first is more practical and the second is more hands on.
I need to be more "hands on"... 
I hate messiness and crafts but if I'm going to homeschool I've gotta get used to it I suppose.

To counter act all the baking and paper work we are trying to get outside as much as possible and enjoy the last few warm days of fall.
I also enjoy watching this adorable kid toddle around in the leaves...

Mostly it is these two who get me up early (its hard to get mad since they are both so cute)
I try to run them ragged as much as possible...

And when I can't take anymore I try to get them to exhaust each other.

This works for about 2 minutes if I'm lucky and then usually ends in tears. 
And Jack sulks away to his corner giving me sad eyes.

... and sometimes Daniel does too.

Ok one last random thing... 
Daniel is so obviously my kid, first I would point to his bad temper. 
However... being that I'm so much more mature than I once was 
and seeing as how you might not know that I used to be a firecracker...

I will provide some freaky photographic evidence... ignore the fact that I'm naked, 
nudity doesn't count before your two right?
Me and my mommy circa 1984
Daniel.... on Tuesday night.

I have a mini me... God help us all.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Blog Post #101 is going to be:
Laura 101

I'm going to be even more narcissistic than usual and give you 
101 random things and thoughts about me and my life.
This is mostly for myself so I will not be offended if you have already quit reading....

  1. I was a June baby, my sister was born in November... and I've always felt it wasn't fair to her since she loves summer so much more than me. I know she was always jealous I got to have outdoor parties.
2. I have lived in the same county all my life... I am so boring.

3. I would love to travel someday but I am terrified of flying.
I've only done it three times.
The last time was a stormy night over the Caribbean and that was my last straw.
Once we landed the pilot said "that's about as close as you get..."
Oh yes it is... cause I'm not flying EVER again....
well till the kids are grown anyway....

4. I have just realized 101 things is A Lot....

5. I plan to home school our kids and I've just started doing preschool with Bella.
It is easier and harder than I thought.

6. I hate math and can barely do any algebra... so for that we will be getting a tutor.

7. When I was in kindergarten my sister stabbed me in the chest with a pencil, I still have a mark from it.
She has a bad temper that one.

8. I have had eight dogs in 27 years.... it is really just a coincidence that this is number eight.
And does that seem like a lot to anyone else?

9. I think I've had about 15 cats in my life, but the math is a little fuzzy because I'm counting two litter also which we didn't keep.... sorry to Bob Barker or any of his followers...
no more cats for awhile. Promise.

10. I just learned how to make gravy last year...
when I was about to move out and get married I had a mini panic attack that I didn't know how to do this.
To me it meant I was incapable of running a house.
I was right about being incapable of running a house
but that was more to do with not knowing how to do laundry than not knowing how to make gravy.

11. This was a cute idea but I'm never gonna make it to 101....

12. My husband has 11 brothers and sisters.
I have 1 sister.
This creates problems in that we had a very different upbringing
and therefore have very different world veiws.
That's my nice way of saying that kids from big families are not your average cookies...
Actually it might have made him easier to live with now that I'm thinking about it.
He is pretty laid back about almost anything, guess you would have to be?

13. My Grandma lived to be 90... if I make it that long it will be 2073.
I am excited to get to see the "summer of '69"... if can still walk and know my own name.

14. I was only 20 when I got engaged... 21 when I got married.

15. I am terrified of dead bodies.
The first time I handled a whole roasting chicken I nearly had a panic attack.
I'm serious you can ask my mother I called her.

16. I am scared of the dentist. It goes beyond a general dislike.

17. I love to scrapbook but I'm afraid I've let it become a thing I have to do rather than a  hobby.

18. I want a laptop desperately but having a nice desktop makes it impossible for me to justify.
Help me... give me reasons.....

19. I have a nose like a bloodhound.
I love air fresheners and pretty smelly candles, Tom can't stand this but I think he is getting used to it.

20. I also associate smells with memory constantly.
My sister does this too. We are always walking into a place and looking at each other and saying
"this reminds me of....." and we always agree on whatever it is.

21. I don't have many "favorites", I don't do commitment well.
But I think my favorite color is green.

22. I play the piano, I'm not very good but I love it and it relaxes me.

23. When I was born my mom says I made squeaking a dog toy, thankfully I grew out of it.
Don't laugh... it was an actual condition with an actual name.

24. I love chocolate... to and unhealthy extreme.
But only milk chocolate, I hate dark chocolate... and nothing with nuts.

25. I'm horrible at keeping secrets, But I've gotten much better with age.

26. I honestly love every single season equally... for the first few weeks and then when the newness wears off I'm ready for the next thing.
I have a short attention span.

27. I really dislike winter after Christmas is over and every year I pray for a white Christmas.
Seriously pray hard.... I think the last one was more than 4 years ago... so sad.

28. I can't leave a Christmas tree up after the 27th.... Its a pet peeve of mine.
The tree is my favorite thing until the 26th and then I can't look at it for one more minute.
I think its like a post Christmas depression.... I love it so much that I can't stand for it to be over and so I must remove all traces of it to feel better.

29. I am running out of things to say....

30. Ok I dragged it out till 30 which makes me feel better about myself.

Good Night!

Friday, October 22, 2010

In Bloom

This is my One Hundredth Blog Post!
I am going to be painfully honest now....
I didn't think I could stick it out this long, 
its not always fun to document our family.
"What did she just say!? She doesn't love her own children!?"
Wait... focus... listen...

Sometimes the day has been so long and so exhausting that the last thing I can imagine doing is going back over it in my head once the children are finally asleep.
Some days are just filled up with crying and messes. 
Spaghetti sauce on the wall.
Leaking diapers in the cribs.
Chalk on the dog.
Fingerprints on everything...
the lingering odor of a dirty diaper that you just can't get rid of no matter what you do. 

 And at the end of it all you are left with nothing to show for it.
You yelled to much, 
they fought to much, 
the dog was left outside to long, 
the dinner you "made" was a step above dirt in nutritional value.
and you husband got home late again to see you microwaving making that dinner...
wearing the same thing you went to bed in the night before, but now with more stains and smells.

So what do I want to do when its all over at 8:01? 
When all the children have been cleaned,
kissed, hugged, prayed over, and threatened into silence.
I could collapses, and many nights I do.

Or I could come in here and force myself to seek out the silver lining of the day.
To ask God to remind me what was sweet and good today.
Then to polish it with pretty words, funny things they said, and cute pictures....
until it shines bright enough to light up the rest of the bleak picture I've been seeing.
Write until I've seen the good parts clearly enough to know that tomorrow, 
when three energetic sets of feet hit the floor, 
I will be dressed,
I will be smiling,
I will be ready to make it a better day.
 And part of what makes that day better is the encouragement I get from friends and family and all the other mom's who take any of they're precious time to read my ramblings.
The ones who say, me too.
I agree.
Thanks for the laugh.
hang in there.
I thought I was doing this for my kids to have a record of their childhoods someday.
I have a notoriously bad memory and I know someday it will fail me entirely.
I'm serious, I can't remember my own kids birth weights... don't worry I wrote that down too. 

But I've found now that I'm doing it way more for me, and the fact that the kids will hopefully appreciate it all  someday has just become a huge bonus.

I look at the world much differently when I look at as a blog post.
Here is what I mean...
I wrote back in August about Tom and the kids planting giant sunflowers even though it was way to late in the summer for them. I knew they wouldn't bloom but they had fun and really... they are 2 and 4. 
They weren't expecting much.
They started as seeds and then moved them outside.

We thought they would get to about two feet tall or so, and then die with the first frost.
But a few weeks ago we realized a few might actually make it to bloom. 
Low and behold, 
what do you know?
Two of them bloomed big bright and beautiful.
Being my pessimistic self, I told Tom to cut them for me before the frost so I could at least enjoy those two.
The rest would die before they could bloom was my reasoning.
I need to just stop talking because apparently God knows more about flowers than I do... 
being the designer and all.
Ok everyone probably knows more about flowers than I do.
But wouldn't you know it, they all bloomed.... are blooming still.
I was amazed.
They adjusted, they altered, they changed the plan to accommodate the circumstances.
They were not the six foot tall flowers they could have been, but they bloomed where they were planted 
as best they could.

I hope that is what I'm doing as a mother, I'm not working at a "real" job.
I'm not very involved in church right now.
I sometimes go days without seeing other adults besides my husband.
But I'm loving these kids, and helping my husband, and trying to make everyday better than the last.
Make the silver lining outshine the aggravations.
Maybe I won't be the person I could have been, someone important in the eyes of the world.
I don't even really worry about that anymore though.
I am blooming right here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Road Home is Never Long.... Unless You Have a Fifty Pound Dog on Your Lap...

We are very busy soaking up every crisp, bright, moment of fall.
Its much to short.... don't you think?
Fall that is....not Daniel, here he is in the leaves for the first time...
 Two bath times later and I am still finding little bits of leaves in their hair...
I think it was safe to say they had fun though.
It is surreal to me when I see my kids playing in the same yard I played in at their age.
The same trees providing the leaves that bring out the laughter and happiness.
It really is the simple things in life, I'm so grateful to my parents for giving us the simple things.
Most of all for always being in the same place... right where we needed them.
It seems like a silly little thing, and I realize lots of people move and never think twice about it...
but I love that "home" has always been this house with these people.
I love not only having this history in this place, but reliving it with my kids.
My mom did this at my grandma's house with us, and I can't picture it any other way.
This is the same dining room table that has always been there.
My dad once let Julie roll off of it while changing her diaper....
thankfully this has not happened to me yet but we have had a few close calls.
Besides, I'm told she not only didn't cry but actually laughed.... we should have known then.
Daniel doesn't like tea so we always tell him its byob.
ahhh..... I've got a million of 'em..... 
While we are on the subject of things to thank my parents for I should mention that they let me borrow their Cadillac for the last week while my van was in the shop.
They let me put my stinky, sticky, destructive children in their very nice luxury car...
and then they said I could bring the dog too....

These people are saints, 
or maybe they are crazy....
Ill let you speculate.
I was a tight squeeze but we made it.
I don't remember what Bella's problem was here, but its not the car... she didn't want to give it back.
Girls got taste.
Expensive taste.
She comes by it honestly.

So my mom came to pick us up the day they were loaning it to us, and we felt bad not taking Jack with us back to her house even though there was no room at all... 
you see my sister has a new puppy,
I think they are soul mates.
I really can't get a picture of them holding still....
they exhaust each other which means Jack leaves me alone in the morning.
Which is heaven.

So my mom, being the bleeding heart she is, decides Jack can sit between her legs while I drive.
But Jack loves my mom, and since she won't yell at him she held him most of the twenty minute drive.
Oh... and we just did a quick run through the bank drive thru.... so 30 minutes, tops.
I sure the lady at the window thought we were nuts.

And don't think she is mad at the dog clawing her and slobbering on her, 
No.... she is mad that I'm driving and taking pictures at the same time.
But I figure she is already paranoid with me driving, 
she acts the same today as she did the day I got my learners permit.
I am forever 16 in her mind, and I'm beginning to appreciate that more and more.

I should try to convince her that I still can't do my own laundry!
Oh if only!!!

Speaking of laundry.... don't you love the parrot shirt!
I sure glad the dog didn't ruin it climbing all over her..... hahahahaha

Ok, ok, enough, enough.... where was I?

Oh yes... Thank you Mom, and Dad for all you do for me and mine.
I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars.
No matter what you wear, or what you think of my driving.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Small Step for Baby... One Giant Headache for Me...

I think I've mentioned already that Daniel started walking just before we went to camp at the end of September.
But words don't do it justice...
the cuteness really barely even translates into photos but I'll give it a shot anyway.

Please excuse the fuzziness, the boy is already very fast!
Adorable if I do say so myself, 
but he has gotten very busy learning all sorts of things now that he can get around.
To his act he has also added going up and down the stairs,  
when I forget to close the gate.
Climbing up on kitchen chairs, 
which he is not even allowed to pull out from the table in the first place.
And my favorite....unlocking the dogs cage, so he can get in it too of course.... 
hates the playpen, loves the cage...

"A baby is an angel, 
whose wings decrease, as his legs increase."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunrise... Sunset...

My computer has reached maximum capacity!
I have no more space left to upload photos.... I think maybe that means I have to many.
Anyway my jack of all trades husband will be fixing this shortly but until he does all my new adorable pictures are stuck on my camera.

So I thought I would go back in time a bit.
Its always a good reality check to see where you've be and compare it to where you are now.
Some Octobers past....

 So we are going to glaze over October 2005...
since I don't think I have many pictures from then...
and I didn't own a computer of my own back then so most all the pictures I would have are on CD's.
Hence you cannot see them because I cannot upload them!

Let me paint you a picture instead, 
Five months married, 
Four months pregnant.
emotions were running high I'm sure, but life was exciting, new, and good.

Ok onto 2006...
Wow, picture quality has come a long way huh?
This is Bella around seven months old, with my Grandma.
I'm so glad they had this time together.
Now she calls her "Big grandma Julia who lives in heaven."

Big as in "Great"... she was not large, she maybe weighed 98 pounds soaking wet.
Just wanted to clarify.
She went home the following May.
We miss her very much still, I wonder how long it will take for the holidays to feel normal without her?
I think they probably never will, and that's a good thing in a way.

 Time marches on to 2007...
We are enjoying lots of firsts with Isabella who is about 19 months, 
and we are anxiously awaiting Tommys arrival.
It's so hard to believe we were ever a family of three.
... and its amazing to me how young Tom looks...
...and how round I look...
and how much Isabella looks like Daniel.
These were my favorite pj's on her, they were past down from her Grammy.
They were last worn by her much loved Aunt H.
If Bella knew that she would still be wearing them I think!

On to 2008....
Tommy is ten months old and we can't imagine life without him.
I am amazed at their relationship already. Like they were born to be best friends.
This was my hope from before they were born of course
but I couldn't have imagined the feeling of seeing it in reality.
We are beginning to realize that she is a girlie girl... to an extreme.
Example... to her this is an everyday outfit. 
Perfectly good for the playground, grocery store, or dinner at the white house.
And although Tommy is still the baby of the family we have just found out that, come June,
he will also be a big brother.

Before we can blink it is October of 2009....
We are now a family of five.
With a four month old...
another who is not quite two...
and lastly our firstborn, who is now an expert big sister at the age of three and a half.
Life is busy but beautiful.
It was around this time that we lost our much loved dog Sheba.
But we found some comfort in our new puppy Jack.
There was a little adjustment....
but we got him some chew toys and they have since become the best of friends.

Its hard to believe just one year ago Daniel was in his little baby carrier.
And Tommy could still be contained in a pack n play...
I melt when he gives me this cheesy smile....

Four years gone by in a blink.... and we come to just this past weekend....
We are five still but with a little kick boxer reminding us... well mostly me, that life is ever changing.
By this time next year the picture of our life will look a bit different.
And I will look back on the family we are now and wonder where the time has gone.
Mothers with children who have grown say that the "days are long but the years are short."

Amen.... truer words were never spoken.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deep Thoughts

If it takes me a full five minutes to unhook my bra because the hooks are so mangled does that mean I should throw it out?

Am I the only person in the world who has trouble throwing out old damaged clothes?

And yet strangely when I am able to do it....
(I mean really do it, 
like put it in the outside garbage can where I won't change my mind and get it back out)
.... I suddenly feel free and giddy!
Like the stuff I own doesn't own me!!!
yeah right.


How often do normal people wash a bathrobe?
I normally do it when I feel its counter productive to put it on after I'm all squeaky clean from a shower.
Too long?
I thought so....
And then when I do wash it why does it always end up in the load that sits for just slightly too long in the washer?
I hate that mildewy smell....


Getting ready for church on Sunday I was so frazzled and busy running around the kitchen trying to feed everyone that I didn't notice Tommy sneeze... twice.
Both times he reprimanded me "Mommy say Byess you!"

There is a sad irony in this.


I am right now smack dab in the middle of this pregnancy.
We are parents to three and a half children.
in slightly less than five and a half years.
I don't really wonder why people think I'm crazy, I just wish we could leave it unspoken a little more often.

"Are you Catholic?"
No I quit.

"Don't you know what causes that?"
No I was raised Catholic.

"Wow I could never do that!"
Oh yes you could... this one is only said by people who didn't know me B.C. (before children)

"Are you in a competition?"
If I wanted to compete I would have tried to be an Olympic triathlete... 
it would be easier and I would know when I had won.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sink or Swim

Today was one of those....

Tom took my car this morning to get an estimate on some body work.
Its not that I had anywhere to go... its just knowing that I couldn't go anywhere that bothered me.

Some days I wish that I was stuck at home... but the days when I am I feel nearly suffocated.
I guess the reason is that when things reach the boiling point here..
When I know I'll go completely insane if one more person tries to climb my leg, 
or hits their sibling because they "wouldn't stop singing"
or becomes hysterical because I say, "no more pretzels, dinner will be ready in ten."
When we get to that point the only option left to me that will keep us all safe and sane is to strap them all down in those car seats that I affectionately think of as strait jackets, and leave the loony bin.
Sometimes we go to target, 
sometimes my sainted mother or mother in laws house, 
sometimes we just drive until I feel better.

So not having my car is like someone taking away my life preserver and sending me white water rafting.
I'm a great swimmer... but these are not your average waters.

There are hazards at every turn...
teething... four molars at once...
lactose intolerance induced vomiting...
potty training set backs...
nose dives off the couch...

shall I continue?

Back to the problem at hand... not having a car today was bad enough,
but now I will be stranded tomorrow as well.
After Tom got the estimate he got rear ended... so back he goes tomorrow for an estimate on a new bumper.
I'm not even gonna think about next week when they will be doing the actual work....
I need a new life preserver....
I'm thinking Nick Jr. and a lot of chocolate.