Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home from a week of camping... and I'm totally exhausted.

But its in that contented, relaxed, way... like snuggling up on the couch after a home cooked meal.
A meal that you slaved over... but still.
This vacation thing is a lot more work when you have kids, but its so worth it to see them have fun.

 Isabella wanted smore's every night.... and she pretty much got her wish.
They are my favorite too.
Daddy got to read lots of stories too, which they loved.
And the oldest two got to share a bed, which went surprisingly well.
But don't worry about Daniel, he was never left out.
They loved pulling his wagon almost as much as he loved to ride.
My two Tom's.
And one of them had a birthday...
which meant we all had cheesecake... 
which is always awesome.
Thank you for being born sweetheart, Love you lots.
.....Random cuteness.... there's never enough pictures of a happy baby.
This baby was happy because he was constantly entertained by his many aunts and uncles....
....and a big, beautiful, blazing fire every night.

It was a beautiful week and I have tons more pictures, 
but right now the laundry has piled up and I must get back to reality.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Laundry

I have misplace my sofa....
Oh wait there it is......
Lord help me I hate laundry.
It's the chore that doesn't end....

I have tried and tried to find some sort of organized way of staying on top of it so I don't end up overwhelmed and out of clothes to wear come Sunday morning (the only day I really "get dressed") 
This is the only thing I've found that works for me.

 My system for getting it done is to use tactics which make my doing it inevitable...
well... they should make it inevitable but sometimes conditions stay like the scene it the above photo
for a shamefully long time.
First I wait till I or someone else is basically out of clothes.

Then I do multiple loads of laundry in a day until I have many, many, many, baskets full.
washing all the laundry in the house in a 10 to 12 hour period.

Then that evening or the next morning I dump it all on the sofa.

I do this on purpose so I can't sit down until its done... sometimes I make my bed and dump it there.
That way there is (theoretically) no going to bed before the laundry is folded either.

Works for me, but not so much for Tom!
He is not a fan of waiting for me to fold laundry at midnight, just so he can lay down.
Bella is not a fan of laundry period.
She mostly hates not being allowed to get up on the couch while I'm working on it.
Little does she know that laundry is THE chore I am anxiously awaiting her help with...
soon baby! Soon!

Then I once its all folded in piles according to rooms I just stick it in a basket and take it to its owners closet.
Where I usually get it into drawers with in a day or two... or three....

That is my "laundry system".
My name isn't Martha and it works for me.
So there...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lullaby's and Lavender...

The house is quiet, 
The only sounds are my music playing softly

Just like a star cross my sky...
Just like an angel off the page,
you have appeared to my life...
feel like I'll never be the same.
Just like a song to my heart,
Just like oil on my hands,
only to love you....

Every time I hear that I think of my angels....

I can say "angels" with a strait face because they are sleeping and the noise has stopped.
No one is screaming or hitting anyone.
No one is pouring goldfish crumbs on the couch right after I put away the vacuum.
They are angels again until eight am... God willing.

Jack is making weird squeaking noises in his cage behind me.
Barking with his mouth closed and dreaming about something.
Must be good because in reality I think I've heard him bark about three times....

I can hear the shower running in the distance 
and in a few minute Tom will come tell me to come to bed to watch a movie....

The kids are all tucked in and freshly bathed.... for a change...
Why is it so hard to find the energy to give them all a bath at the end of the day?

Bella will smell like lavender in the morning when she comes to snuggle in my bed at the first sign of dawn.
Every night its the same questions as I try to back out the door saying "I love you" and "Goodnight baby"
over and over....

"When will you go to bed?"
"Will you leave the light on?"
"I always do sweetie."
"Can I come cuddle with you when its light?"
"Of course you can baby."

And some nights there are random other questions... 

" How many sleeps till campin?"

"Can we go somewhere tomorrow?"

"Is Sheba still in heaven? I miss her mama."

 "When the baby comes out of your belly can I teach her to ride a bike?"

"When is Santa gonna be back at the mall?" 

"Why can't we take our TV campin? I'm gonna miss Elmo."

This is a snapshot of my evenings right now.... Soon they will shift and change again.
The new baby will come, routines will change. 
They will grow and learn and there questions will change.
They will get more complicated I'm sure.
And I'll quickly forget the routine that right now I can recite to our babysitters off by heart.

"Tommy and Daniel need there blankets and binkies.... 
Bella will want a girl blanket... not one of the boys.
She will ask for water, only give her half a cup.
Let them each have a turn to pray.
Put Daniel down a half hour before them...
but let them kiss him goodnight or they will be sad they missed it.
Tell her she can come cuddle with me in the morning, 
I'll be in my bed when she wakes up... and I'll kiss her before I go to sleep" 

I don't want to forget, so I'm writing down what seems mundane to everyone but me and their Daddy.
And maybe someday they will enjoy knowing what it was like when they were little.
I'm sad these days will pass but I remember a time when Bella was too little to get up and come find me in my bed for a morning cuddle, and now I can't imagine her not coming....
its one of my favorite times of our day.
I'm looking forward to the day when we have four warm little bodies snuggled in our bed, 
smelling like lavender and happiness itself as the sun slowly wakes us.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Humbled By a Haircut

Our Pastor's wife is always teasing me that Tommy's hair makes him look like Rod Stewart.
The only difference is Tommy's hair does this naturally
And we don't let it get that long... because it scares me.
I start to hear "Do ya think I'm sexy?" in my head often.... 

I also don't like it really short,
honestly I like it when its just like his Dad's hair.
But I'm awful at cutting hair, just ask my best friend from high school... it grew back,
and I thought a short bob looked really cute on her... but that's another story.

So all that to say I'm to cheap to pay and not skilled enough to do it myself.
So Daddy does the hair cuts.
Except for weeks now its been on the "to do" list and hasn't actually gotten done

So Saturday night I was determined to get his haircut before bath time... 
except bedtime came and went and everyone was getting cranky and tired, and Daddy was on the phone.
And I was getting more and more annoyed waiting.
And we had to get up for church in the morning so baths were necessary

So I say to him "were you going to cut it or just buzz it?"
Meaning make it look like yours or give him a longish buzz cut.
He says buzz....
So I head to the bathroom with Tommy and decide that much I can do myself.

Meanwhile if I had stopped to take a breathe I would have known Tom was getting  porch all ready for him to get his haircut out there.
 So I take his clothes off so he's ready for the tub and set him on a towel.
 Then he starts freaking out about the clippers buzzing...
I try to calm but he isn't making any sense.

Finally I realize what he's saying...
"No tut off my pee pee mama! You no tut it off!"
tut = cut in Tommy speak.
And he's cupping it.... I guess he thought that was why he wasn't wearing any clothes.

So I explain and he calms down and I'm laughing so hard I'm nearly crying.
Apparently the sense of "self" preservation for men is strong from birth... 

Back to the task at hand, I start at his forehead....
and immediately I see my mistake.
I grabbed the number one attachment, 
I meant to get number two.
but all the talk of pee pee's getting cut off distracted me... 
and maybe I was still in a huff about Daddy being on the phone. Maybe.
So since i started in the front I was stuck.
and so was poor Tommy.
Dad wasn't to happy with it either.

"You never start in the front!" he groaned... "this is why."
The boy is a millimeter away from being mister clean.
Oh well hair grows fast right? 

Now If I could just grow patience a little faster...
hmmm.... I guess that last statement is missing the point yet again,
some people never learn, I fear I am one of them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nipple Confusion...

I told Tommy yesterday...
"I love you more than the sun... and the moon.... and the stars!"
He gasps and whispers in awe,
"How long is that!?"

 A few nights ago Isabella went into her room to pray with Daddy and he was laying on her bed waiting.
He says, "I love this bed.... you know this used to be Daddy's bed?"
Bella is confused,
"My bed?"
"Yep" said Dad, "This was my bed when I lived at Grammy and Grandpa's house"
Isabella thinks for a minute and says,
"Did you wear my clothes too?"

I assumed this was Isabella's most recent attempt at being funny...
"Daddy? Do you take your nipples off when you go to bed?"
We laugh and thought she was just being silly... 
The next day she refereed to my bra as "mommy's nipples"

Now I'm just confused... 
does she know what nipples are?
Does she think Daddy wears a bra?
What am I missing?

And I swear this one is saying his own name... 
or maybe I just need to take a long nap and an extra strength tylenol.
It sure sounds like Daniel anyway.

"Naniel.... Naniel...."

 And at the ripe old age of 15 months he has finally learned to walk!!! 
This might be a record for our kids, Bella was 17 months and Tommy was right around this age too.
I'll have to do the math to see who gets first place.
 And someday maybe I'll figure out how to post a video to showcase his cuteness.
Till then... more packing.....
Pray for me people!!!

 ... and yes I know he needs shoes, I have since gotten him a pair, $2.99! I love thrift stores!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010


I've been missing in action lately for a lot of random reasons but here is one...

We are preparing for the big family vacation we take every year with my husbands whole family.
As much as I'm looking forward to it.... the closer we get to leaving the more all I can see is the list of things
I need to do and pack before then.

You see we are going camping and we stay in a cabin near a state park... 
not in a hotel with maid service as I was raised with on "vacation"

Honestly when I first went along with my husband on this trip the year before we got married I couldn't understand what it was about it exactly that made it a vacation.
No maid service, 
bring your own sheets even....
no eating out except on the drive there and back...
unless you count eating outside...
 there's all sorts of wildlife, and often they find their way indoors, 
every year we have a bat fly through the cabin at least one night
 Generally speaking this trip is a lot of work.
there are around 20 to 25 people to feed at every meal.
And with that number of people and two bathrooms getting a shower involves either getting up very early, or bargaining with whoever called dibs before you.
and the noise, 
and the short nap times, 
and the early mornings, 
and the late nights, 
they can quickly start to put you into a cranky mood.

So why do I love it?

First and most importantly we are all together.

 Just being, sitting, talking....



Second there is no television...

no computers or internet...

none of the usual distractions that keep us in our separate little worlds.
For entertainment you can either read a book... which we do often,
or you can go find someone to ride a bike with,
play cards with,
or go for a walk with...

with.... again its all about together.
totally unplugged.

At first I admit this seemed more like a punishment.
But now that I've "seen the light".... I try to make our life at home more like this.
I usually fail, but at least I try....

Third there is the food...
ice cream is everyday...
for breakfast on the last day because we have to eat the leftovers or leave it, so we put it on top of waffles.
Or make milkshakes for the road.

We have a big breakfast made by grandpa everyday.
There is something so awesome about breakfast cooked outside on a fire.
You can't get it to taste the same any other way.

Tom's Chili.... yum
Also amazingly cooked outside on the fire.
Is this normal? Am I just really sheltered?
Or easily impressed?

Then there are the random moments that turn into the lasting memories...

This chair was regularly fought over by these three...
this year I have three chairs...
however now there will be 7 preschoolers and toddlers....
just can't keep up I guess.

This is how we dry clothes...

and this is how they treat us in-laws....

Better than they treat each other sometimes....
I love to see Tom hanging out with his brothers.
They were young when we got married and he moved out, so this is like making up for lost time.

And some of them are still pretty young and in need of some quality time with the family all together.
flash light tag is taken very seriously by some.

posing for pictures.... not so serious.

So there is our week in a nutshell...
and now I'm excited once more,
but I probably should go check something off my to do list...
which will make my head start spinning again...
but that's Ok cause in a few short days I'll be sitting by a fire eating smores and enjoying life.

So until then I'll just keep coming back to re-read this,
and look beyond the packing to all the fun memories we have yet to make.