Monday, July 5, 2010

A Lazy Nine Months

We had a long fun weekend... sadly that is not what I want to write about...
I am a bad mother today.
I mean it.... today I failed to accomplish anything worthwhile.

I slept on the couch while Bella played until the boys woke up... around ten thirty....
No one but Bella ever really go dressed for the day, she only did because she insisted.
I think she held out some vain hope that by getting dressed she might actually get mommy to go somewhere.
She always wants to go somewhere.
But today that was not to be, today I was exhausted from the weekend and gestating.
Today mommy was in survival mode.

We watched way to much tv.... by that I mean pretty much constantly.
We didn't get out the the clothes we slept in.
We ate only that which required nothing more than a microwave.
We avoided the heat and finally turned on the ac full blast.

I feel bad... but everyone needs a throw away day now and then.
I will get back on my game... 
they will be dressed! 
they will be bathed! 
and fed nutritious food!
and entertained with educational toys and my undivided attention!
Just give me another nine months.... I'm feeling a bit nauseated just now....


Anonymous said...

come on Poodie....i thought "pioneer woman" was your can do this....tomorrow....for now, take it easy

Anonymous said...

hahaha are hysterical....for someone who LOVES having kids, you sure don't handle pregnancy all that well. maybe it's pregnancy plus heat? no, that can't be it...Daniel was born in June, and i remember you being pretty much the same as now...BUT the good news is, February will be here before you know it, and then you'll have TWO in diapers AGAIN! Seriously tho, you're a great great Mom, and you will be fine hopefully after the first trimester!! lol so here's the plan, just sleep in your clothes and you'll be good to go the next day and Izzy can dress the boys... hahaha ewwww that's bad...Nana is going to kill me for even suggesting that! LUV YA xoxox